6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter, According to Pros

24 Jan

Looking for ways to lower your heating bill? You’re far from the only one. The average heating bill for Americans is $1,500 year, according to HomeAdvisor. And for folks using gas instead of electricity to fuel their furnace, that bill is expected to surge. So while you can’t control oil prices, you can improve the way your home maintains heat and how you use it. More >>

15 Time Management Apps That Will Make You More Productive

22 Jan

The days where I feel most productive all have something in common: I budgeted my time well. When I’m at my most productive, I start the day with a plan and stay focused on my to-do list, which means that not only do I get more done in a shorter amount of time, I also produce higher-quality work. More >>

Life Insurance for Business Planning

20 Jan

You may be more familiar with buying life insurance for yourself or a family member as death benefit protection, but are you aware of the role it can play in business planning? Whether you’re an entrepreneur thinking about how to protect your share of the business or are looking for ways to reward your top performers, life insurance could be a solution. More >>

Why You Should Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

17 Jan

Let’s be honest: These days, airplanes can barely fit your own two legs. Given the limited real estate that comes with an economy class seat, you can expect to sit for hours with a stiff neck and back, which takes a serious toll on your circulation. While most people know that standing up and walking around during your flight can boost your blood flow, it’s not always possible (or convenient!) to do so. That’s where a tennis ball comes in. More >>

6 Tips to Keeping Those New Year’s Resolutions on Track

15 Jan

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect, time to give thanks and time to set goals for next year. The question is not whether you’ll set goals; it’s whether you’ll actually stick to them. Strava (the activity-tracking company) analyzed data from over 100 million uploaded exercise activities. They uncovered that New Year’s enthusiasm is not just short-lived, it’s very short-lived. More >>

Why Life Insurance Policies Aren’t Just For The Wealthy

13 Jan

Did you know that, according to Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, 75% of businesses are underinsured? Although most businesses know the value of having insurance to cover unexpected hazards or losses, the vast majority are still not sufficiently covered to provide an effective safety net. More >>

Top 25 Most Quotable Scenes from Star Wars

10 Jan
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Would you call yourself a true Star Wars fan? Or perhaps you just read that sentence, laughed out loud, and asked, “Fan?” To some people, the Star Wars movies are just entertainment with special effects, exciting battle scenes, and a captivating storyline. More >>

The Best Time(s) of Day to Make a Sales Call in 2020

8 Jan

Most salespeople are eager to know the best time to cold call their prospects. It’s an enticing idea: Rather than waiting for a compelling event, researching the buyer, and crafting a personalized message, the rep simply needs to know the best day and time of day to make the call. More >>

Paying off Debt with Whole Life Insurance

6 Jan

According to the Federal Reserve, consumer debt was approaching $14 trillion after the second quarter of 2019. And while that debt has, no doubt, financed some very fine lifestyles, it has also made it more difficult to save money. Take college loans, for example. Student loans look like a good deal to young folks just starting out, but there’s a lot of little “gotchas” that turn these non-conventional loans into a nightmare. More >>

January is Get Organized Month

3 Jan

Are you organized? It’s an important question. There are many ways of being organized, but some of us certainly have better organizational skills than others. A bit of organization can make even the most chaotic of spaces relatively manageable. Sometimes being organized is actually a safety issue. More >>