Rethink disabilities.

16 May

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

Chances are, if you live long enough, you will most likely experience a disability in your lifetime.
That’s why disability insurance is so important. It provides a portion of your income if you’re unable to work. In fact, you can also call it income insurance. More>>

Camping and RV Tips to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

13 May

Planning on hitting the road in an RV or sleeping with only a layer of canvas between you and the stars? Read on for handy hints and tricks that will help your trip go more smoothly so you can make the most of your time in the great outdoors. More>>

Insurers, Distributors Keep Up Disability Insurance Awareness Fight

11 May

Life Happens and other groups are trying to remind consumers — and insurance agents, and retirement planners — that just about all positive financial decisions depend on a worker’s ability to earn a paycheck.

Life Happens is offering financial professionals and other campaign supporters access to a free package of education support materials, including flyers, brochures and social media-friendly graphics. More>>

7 Truths About Disability Insurance

9 May

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

What’s your most valuable asset? You may say your home, your retirement fund or even your car. Or perhaps you’d say family, friends or health. You wouldn’t be wrong. However, we often overlook one essential asset—you and your ability to earn an income and take care of your family. Consider the following seven truths about protecting your income. More>>

20 Mother’s Day Facts to Share with Your Mom

6 May

Let’s face it: Mother’s should be celebrated every day of the year. But thankfully there’s a whole day dedicated to making sure that she feels your love and appreciation. In 2022, you’ll be showering her with love and appreciation on Sunday, May 8th.

Looking for a creative way to show her how much you care? Why not impress her with some fun facts about the history and first celebration of Mother’s Day, like these. More>>

5 Things New Physicians Must Know About Individual Disability Insurance

4 May

In the next few months, a new class of medical students will graduate and enter into their residency or fellowship programs.

As they prepare for the beginning of their careers, many establish relationships with a financial advisor to protect the investment of time and money they have made in their education that should eventually reward them with long and lucrative careers.

One way you can help your medical resident clients solidify their financial plan is by offering income protection through individual disability insurance. More>>

Here’s the Type of Insurance You’ll Need at Each Stage of Life, Experts Say

2 May
What type of insurance should you have at different stages of your life? When asked, financial advisors pointed to disability and life insurance as the most important kind of coverage at any stage, as they apply throughout our lives. In addition, advisors discussed often overlooked considerations for different points in your adult life. Here’s a look at some age-specific insurance advice, from your days at university to your golden years of retirement. More>>

The Tree You’re Drawn to Reveals Your Dominant Personality Traits — And How They Help and Hurt You

29 Apr

Our personalities are made up of many traits. You don’t have to have a degree in psychology to crack that particular nugget, because that’s what a personality test is for. Just look around at the people in your life and you’re sure to be able to identify some of their strongest, dominant personality traits. What is difficult? Recognize your own dominant personality traits. There is a quick and easy way to determine what your dominant personality traits are and all it involves is looking at one picture. And, since today is National Arbor Day what better picture than trees! More>>

4 Life Insurance Marketing Videos that Educate and Inspire Clients

27 Apr

81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales, according to Wyzowl Research. You may not consider yourself a “marketer,” but that’s what Life Happens is here for! We want to share four life insurance marketing videos with you and explain how you can incorporate them into your sales process. More>>

How to Take Care of Aging Parents and Yourself

25 Apr

People are having kids later in life, and their parents are living longer. This means more people are taking care of their kids and their parents at the same time. I think one of the more challenging things to do when facing the declining health and independence of your parents is to know when to step in and where to start. More>>