Dependent Life Insurance Can Cover Unexpected Costs If Your Spouse Or Child Dies Unexpectedly

17 Feb

Most life insurance policies are meant to make up for lost income in case the insured person dies. For those who are not the primary income earner, life insurance is still an option. In this case, you would look for dependent life insurance as an add-on to the main income-earner’s policy. You may be able to add it to an individual plan, or select it as an option under the group life insurance plan offered by your employer. More >>

22 Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch for a Cozy Holiday at Home

14 Feb

There are a million fun date options that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re the kind of couple who goes out all the time and wants to mix things up, or you’re a tried and true pair of homebodies, cuddling up on the couch and turning on a romantic movie is a great thing to do. Once you’ve given the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and posted an Instagram with a funny caption, it’s time for you to get comfortable. More >>

7 Ways to Say ‘Thank You for Your Consideration’ in an Email or Letter

12 Feb

“Thanks for your consideration.” In sales, those words are a white flag. They signal a competitor has won the business, and it’s time for you to pack it up and head home. But before you call it a day or ask them what you did wrong, consider these alternative follow-ups and the opportunities they present. After all, you’re in sales for a reason — and it’s not because you give up easily. These seven ways to say, “Thank you for your consideration,” help you identify your next move. More >>

Do I Need Life Insurance?

10 Feb

Insurance is the price tag for being an adult. Heaven forbid something terrible happens to you, but if it does, insurance will be your lifeline. You pay for health insurance in case you get really sick. And if you have a car, you buy auto insurance in case you get in a serious accident. But do you really need to buy life insurance? More >>

37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon Under $25

7 Feb

Do me a favor: Close your eyes and take a moment to imagine a world where there are no small annoyances that instantly ruin your day: No slipping in the shower, no sipping a lukewarm beer, no digging through your purse trying to find your keys every morning. And now, try to imagine that the products that make this dream a reality are all available for under $25 bucks. More >>

Social Selling on LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide

5 Feb

LinkedIn is one of – if not the – most effective social networks for selling. While Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are valuable tools to learn more about your prospect’s interests and personality, warm them up before you reach out, and build your subject matter expertise, LinkedIn is typically the only platform that directly leads to new business. More >>

What Are the Options for Life Insurance Payouts?

3 Feb

Life insurance can be a critical lifeline for individuals or families who have lost a cherished loved one. But receiving a large check during a moment of intense grief can also lead to confusion and poor financial decisions. That’s why it’s important to understand the different options for receiving a life insurance payout. More >>

Most Overrated NFL Players of All Time

31 Jan

Don’t you just love it that sports media are so quick to hype athletes as the biggest and the best. Then as soon as they go south, we pile on like kids in a mosh pit? Yeah, us, too. So as a public service, we’re honored to share some of our favorite overrated players in NFL history broken down by team. More >>

Who do you think is the most overrated football player?