The Most Popular Slang the Year You Were Born

16 Apr

Like fashion, slang changes with the times. A word that seems current one year can feel wildly dated as time goes on. (Just think of how weird it would be to say something is “da bomb” these days.) With the help of the Oxford English Dictionary and a few other archival resources, we’ve rounded up the slang words that defined every year. Though some words really reflect their time period, you might be surprised by how old some of our go-to slang actually is. More>>

Awareness of Simplified Underwriting Boosts Chances People Will Buy Life Insurance

14 Apr
While already underway prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many life insurance policies are now underwritten through “simplified” or “streamlined” processes, which are less reliant on physical data (e.g., blood, urine, examination) and more reliant on readily available datasets (e.g., medical, financial, personal). More>>

Preparing for Spring Expenses

12 Apr
Spring is almost upon us and that means a return to warmer weather, outdoor activities, and new responsibilities and expenses to consider. To make sure you’re prepared and so is your budget, here are four big financial considerations to prep for this spring. More>>

Amazing Treasures Found by Ordinary People

9 Apr

Normal people finding incredible things

Archaeologists have unearthed some incredible, history-defining artifacts over the years, but it isn’t just the professionals who have found top treasures. From Sutton Hoo, featured in new Netflix film The Dig, to an Enigma machine discovered by divers to the world’s best-preserved woolly mammoth, the stories of ordinary people and amateur hunters who have discovered some of the most significant historical finds in the last century are nothing short of extraordinary. Click or scroll through to read the tales behind these incredible treasure finds. More>>

Social Media: A Financial Professional’s New Best Friend

7 Apr

Guest contributor: Ron Bernas, serves as digital content manager at Crump Life Insurance Services.

Using social media for business may still feel new to financial professionals but social media certainly is not a new tool. Social media platforms have existed for more than 20 years. And while many platforms have struggled to build an audience, disappeared or been absorbed through acquisition, there are always new ones emerging to fill the gaps.

But what about connecting and interacting for business? This is no different for financial professionals. More>>

Ways To ‘Celebrate’ Financial Literacy Month (That Don’t Cost Anything)

5 Apr

April is Financial Literacy Month, a time to help Americans raise their education on finances so as to avoid making costly mistakes. While it might seem like a strange topic to “celebrate,” the more education you have about finances, the more equipped you’ll be to make smart decisions and even grow wealth. More>>

You Probably Haven’t Heard of These Easter Traditions from Around the World

2 Apr

Don’t forget a fork if you’re in this southern French town on Easter Monday. Each year a giant omelet is served up in the town’s main square, according to Atlas Obscura. And when we say giant, we mean giant: The omelet uses more than 15,000 eggs and feeds up to 1,000 people. More>>

Life Insurance Industry Says More Americans Today are Inadequately Insured

31 Mar

Many Americans do not have nearly enough life insurance to support their families’ needs. In fact, about 44% of families say they would face financial hardship in six months if the primary wage earner were to die, noted David Levenson, president and CEO of LL Global, in a recent video presentation. Now, a group of life insurance organizations is aiming to change that. More>>

Many Americans Now Aspire to Retire by 55

29 Mar

Full-time retirement is making a resurgence at an earlier age with one third (38%) of current U.S. pre-retirees[1] currently under age 54, and an estimated 11.5M households with breadwinners under age 55 saying they “Aspire to Retire by 55,” according to a new report by Hearts & Wallets, the research and benchmarking firm that specializes in how consumers save, invest and seek financial advice. More>>