Hanukkah Dates, Traditions, History, and More

3 Dec

Hanukkah (also spelled “Chanukah”) is an eight-day winter “festival of lights,” which begins each year on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev. This year, Hanukkah begins on Sunday, November 28, at sundown and continues through Monday, December 6. Read on to learn more about the history, how the holiday is celebrated, and a few recipes to try. More>>

5 Ways to Increase Life Insurance Sales Over the Holidays

1 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in so many ways. And while many industries are experiencing their biggest sales season, it’s often not as holly-and-jolly of a time for some life insurance producers. Your clients and prospects are thinking about gifts and gatherings; the future beyond those special days isn’t on their radar. But there are some specific ways you can keep things rolling, hit your goals, and keep revenue up. Follow these tips to increase life insurance sales over the holiday season. More>>

The Gift of Life Insurance for the Holidays

29 Nov

For many of us, those on our gift list may already have enough sweaters, candles and electronics to keep them warm and entertained for years to come. Finding a unique gift that shows how much you really care can be challenging. With life insurance, you can skip the long checkout lines and shopping mall traffic, and give your loved-ones a present that’s value may outlast the next novelty gift or fashion trend. Of course, life insurance may not be the right gift for everyone, but for the special people in your life consider buying a life insurance policy for them this holiday season. More>>


24 Nov

We are approaching Thanksgiving, and showing gratitude has been directly linked to increased happiness. Increased happiness has been linked to increased productivity. So be thankful that you opted for a sales career in financial services. Here are five reasons why you should be grateful: More>>

How to Pay for Long-Term Care When You Are Not in Perfect Health

22 Nov

A popular bit of advice is to purchase long-term care insurance in your 40s or 50s because you can get it when it is most affordable — and before you find yourself with health conditions that could leave you uninsurable. But what happens when you are diagnosed with an unexpected illness or become chronically ill at an early age — before you’ve had a chance to buy long-term care insurance? More>>

Three Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

15 Nov

Among the most heart-wrenching pictures during the first months of the pandemic were images of the impact it had on our most vulnerable populations: our elders. Birthday parties through windows, the isolation of lockdowns – many people wished they were living in their own homes with the freedom that brings. The problem is that many people don’t plan for care. If you don’t have a plan for what can happen if you need care, it can cause stress – to your finances, your health and your family relationships. More>>

These “Bad Habits” are Actually Good for You

12 Nov

Most things can be good in moderation, and that even includes some habits that often get labelled as being bad ones. While there are plenty you should avoid adopting as a daily lifestyle choice, it can be okay to dip your toe in these forbidden habits once in a while. Turns out, plenty of them may actually be good for you. More>>