Films That Did the Best and Worst Jobs of Predicting the Future

5 Mar

The march of time means many things, for example, its constant reminder of how old we’re all getting. However, another aspect of time inevitably speeding forward is that some movies set in “the future” are no longer so futuristic. Enough time has passed that they are now technically set in the past. Some of them did a decent job of predicting the future, but in truth, few movies did a legitimately good job, so we are judging on a sliding scale. Others, meanwhile, were way off by any standard. Here are 10 films we think did a solid job of predicting the future and 10 that were just a bit off. OK, some of the “good” predictions are a bit of a stretch. Shockingly, movies that were designed for entertainment and not for logic don’t always stick to the world of the plausible More>>

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