25 Wellness Resolutions That Have Nothing to Do with Dieting or Weight Loss

27 Jan

I know New Year’s resolutions are somewhat controversial, but generally speaking, I’m a fan. I love the idea of taking a little time to think about what you want out of life right now—and what’s no longer serving you—and taking meaningful action to get it. On the other hand, I feel extremely bummed out by the fact that resolutions have become synonymous with “health,” and “health” has become synonymous with diet and weight loss.

With that in mind, I talked to the writers and editors at SELF and we came up with a list of resolutions—based on our years of experience as health journalists, and our own personal 2023 goals—that we believe could actually, meaningfully make a person healthier and happier this year. More>>

Finding the Right Mix: Merging Technology with Traditional Practices

25 Jan

We’ve all become accustomed to the world at our fingertips. One-click shopping, next-day delivery, and customer service at the touch of a button. How can we, as financial professionals, innovate and deliver our traditional solutions and practices in a world where our clients expect instant delivery? Crump’s Vice President of Digital Solutions, Travis Phillips, joins us to offer advice and tools you can use. Podcast>>

52-week money challenge for 2023

20 Jan

This past year may have possibly knocked your financial goals off track, but that’s no reason not to jump back on the horse and take the 2023 money challenge. We’ve broken everything down for this money challenge into 52 practical tasks.

Rather than focusing on a specific savings goal, we wanted to cover a variety of money-related tasks. Some of the tasks on our money challenge will help you save money. Others are for reducing spending or investing for retirement.

The key is to jump into this with two feet, stay committed, and get plugged into a community of like-minded people. Let’s plan on making next year productive, no matter what life may throw at us. It’s time to take to get geared up and make 2023 an amazing year. More>>

The impact of chronic disease and immunity on field underwriting

18 Jan

Guest contributor Emily Bancroft, MS, ALMI, AIRC, ACS, ALU Certified Professional Underwriter, is a senior underwriter, at Crump Life Insurance Services.

We live in interesting times. Our collective vernaculars changed from living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Words such as “vaccine,” “immunity,” “booster,” and “antibodies” are now everyday terms, whereas a few years ago, these words were mentioned a few times a year.

No one truly knows how much longer we will be immersed in these strange times as it is a new reality. Still, as we strive to understand the world around us, it helps to recognize what immunity is and how our pre-existing conditions or chronic diseases impact that immunity. More>>

16 commonly misunderstood insurance words

16 Jan
Underwriting, premiums, contestability period—terms like these can make insurance words seem foreign. Fortunately, a good insurance professional can help you understand everything. So can the definitions below. Read on to understand some commonly misunderstood insurance words. More>>

10 Expressions That Help You Get What You Want

11 Jan

Everyone wants to close business, but no one goes so far as to come right out and say, “C’mon, are you going to buy or not?” This might work in a busy deli at lunchtime, but not for financial advisors.

Put another way: You can always ask for an immediate answer, but in most cases, that answer will be “no.” You often need the right words and expressions to get your point across. There are many situations in an advisor’s day where having the right expression can be the key to getting the desired result.

Check out the gallery for 10 expressions to help you reframe your approach and stick the landing. More>>

5 Questions Single Parents Have About Life Insurance

9 Jan

Parenting is a challenging but rewarding journey for anyone embarking on the adventure. And the journey can be even more challenging when you are a single parent. This is especially true when it comes to making financial decisions.

Single parents often have unique questions when it comes to life insurance. Let’s look at some of the most common questions advisors hear from single parents. More>>

24 Easy 5-Minute Tasks That Will Get You More Organized

6 Jan

Organizing can feel like a massive undertaking, which is probably why many of us tend to put it off (and put it off again, and then put it off a little longer for good measure.) But organizing doesn’t always have to include your entire house — in fact, if you break up your organizing into quick and easy tasks, you can accomplish a lot fairly quickly!

So, to help change our hearts and minds about organizing, today I’m sharing a big list of mini-organizing tasks you can do in under 5 minutes. We all have a few 5-minute windows to spare throughout the day, so why not use those to get a little more organized? More>>

The Human-Tech Connection – Reaching Consumers Where They Are

4 Jan

Consumer use of social media for financial purposes more than doubled in the last three years, to 53 percent. Today’s consumers use these applications more frequently for financial advice and multiple sites. In 2022, the average user visits almost three sites for the same purpose. Consequently, the definition of “family and friends” pertains to a broader network of consumers now, providing industry professionals with more access points for brand awareness and business development. More>>