Top 5 States for Life Expectancy at Age 65, Before COVID-19

30 Mar

Clients in some states may face a pleasant problem: They are likely to live about 0.7 years longer than residents in a typical state. The National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) has given actuaries and advisors new data for addressing the longevity risk challenge in two important new reports.

Models built on NVSS data can help advisors estimate how much life insurance clients need and how long they might need to make income and assets last in retirement. The data streams may also have complicated, indirect effects on clients’ finances. More>>

How Does Life Insurance Work?

28 Mar

Life insurance is one way you can provide financial support for loved ones after you die. When you open a life insurance policy, you will pay a regular premium – often monthly or annually – in exchange for coverage. As long as your policy is active when you die, the insurance company will pay out a lump sum, also known as a death benefit, to the policy beneficiaries.

Even though many life insurance policies work the same way, each type has significant differences that further define how they work. These differences can include how long the coverage lasts, if the policy includes an investment component, and whether or not you can access funds before your death. Understanding these differences can help you select the best policy for your needs. More>>

Don’t Make These Airport Mistakes

25 Mar

A lot turns upon those critical hours leading up to a trip, and so much can go awry if you’re not careful. Airport screening delays alone cause thousands of people to miss their flights every year, and that’s a lot of money down the drain. But there are ways to be prepared. Check out this gallery to see the worst mistakes you can make at the airport. More>>

How Life Insurance Might Solve Women’s Estate-Planning Issues

23 Mar

Guest contributor Carma McCallie, JCD,  vice president, advanced sales, Crump Life Insurance Services.

Women are receiving increased recognition for the critical roles they serve in society. This increased recognition leads to greater awareness of women’s financial challenges and the financial industry’s solutions to those challenges. What are some of women’s unique planning challenges that shape their goals? More>>

Life Insurance for Parents

21 Mar

You’re on your way home from the hospital with your newborn baby. He or she is sitting in the car seat, taking in the world for the first time. Meanwhile, you’re taking every precaution, making sure that the car seat is secure and your little one is buckled in snuggly before you pull out of the parking lot.

As a parent, your baby’s safety is your top priority. There’s another important consideration for new parents who want to help protect their newborn — life insurance. More>>

25 Remote Restaurants at the Ends of the Earth

18 Mar

These are not your typical neighborhood restaurants. These are places worth taking a journey for, even if that journey is a long, arduous trek, a boat ride or a seaplane journey. These places, which are found down remote, wiggling roads, atop steep hills, and clinging to mountainsides, are the world’s most remote restaurants, worthy of a food pilgrimage. More>>

How Marketing Analytics is Changing Life Insurance Sales

16 Mar

Guest contributor Sherri Lindenberg, senior vice president, marketing, Crump Life Insurance Services.

Analytics in life insurance and its related products was historically viewed as part of the actuarial side of the business. All that has changed, at increasingly fast rates over the past couple of decades, due to exponentially increasing computer speed, the internet of things, virtually unlimited cloud computing data storage capacity, artificial intelligence, the prevalence of social media, and digital behaviors.

Analytics has transformed the role of marketing in our business, moving it from an art to a science. More>>

You’ve Probably Been Playing Monopoly Wrong Your Whole Life

11 Mar

Everyone knows how to play Monopoly. The rules of the classic property-gobbling, argument-generating board game are passed down through oral tradition like a beloved family history or noxiously corny dad joke that the old man just can’t help but bust out at every family gathering. But here’s a question for you: When’s the last time you actually sat down and read the official Monopoly rules?

If you are like 68 percent of players, your answer is probably “never.” More>>