How the Days of the Week Got Their Names

21 Jan

A week is a period of seven days by which most of us arrange our schedules. From working to socializing, we have our days organized from Monday until Sunday. But have you ever wondered how the days of the week got named in English? More>>

How to Perform a Life Insurance Review

19 Jan

Are you sure your clients have adequate life insurance protection should the unexpected happen?

While many will regularly review their financial goals and investments, clients typically forget to update their life insurance coverage. Others often wrongly assume their current life insurance policies are sufficient and appropriate for all the stages in their lives.

But, as everyone knows, life happens, and new protection options change over time. Unless your client is a family member or close neighbor, there’s little chance you know everything that might’ve changed in their lives in the last year.

That’s why a periodic review of a client’s family and financial situation is so important to provide top-notch service and strengthen client relationships. More>>

4 Life Insurance Myths to Rethink as an Empty-Nester

17 Jan

If your children are grown, the house is paid for and you’re about to retire (or already have!), it may seem like your time for life insurance has passed. Perhaps you feel that your savings and investments, along with Social Security, will take care of whatever lies ahead.

In fact, these misconceptions prevent many empty-nesters and retirees from purchasing or maintaining the life insurance coverage they need. If these four myths sound like you, you may want to think again. More>>

Incredible Secrets We Only Recently Discovered About Earth

14 Jan

You could be forgiven for thinking that human beings know all there is to know about our planet by now. Far from it. In fact, every year we’re still making incredible new discoveries, whether that’s describing new animal species or digging up incredible archaeological finds. And as these examples go to show, there’s still plenty left to be curious about right here on planet Earth. More>>

Want to sound more confident? Avoid these 11 words and phrases that make you look ‘weak,’ say grammar experts

12 Jan

In such a competitive world, the last thing you need to do is undercut yourself. But that’s what a lot of us are doing when we communicate in ways that make us sound less confident, less determined, and less sure of ourselves.

But there’s an effective solution: Swap out weak words and phrases for ones that will make you come across as more professional and capable. More>>

Buying Tips to Save Money on Life Insurance

10 Jan

If you’re buying life insurance, why not try to save a little money along the way? Check out these money-saving tips for buying life insurance. With a little help, you might be able to save money on the coverage you need to help financially protect your loved ones. More>>

Simple Ways to Start Budgeting In 2022

3 Jan

“I don’t want to be better with money,” said no one ever. Whether you consider yourself a spender or a saver or somewhere in between, the odds are, you’d like to have money left over at the end of the day. Sixty-five percent of Americans are considering a financial goal for the new year, with forty-four percent saying that saving money is their number one financial resolution (and speaking of New Year’s resolutions, we have a few tips for making them stick).

You might be thinking, “How does anyone get started with a budget? How do I save without giving up everything I like? How much should I be spending each month?” We’ll answer these questions in five steps. More>>

14 Classic New Year’s Eve Traditions We Learned from Our Grandparents

31 Dec

As we look ahead to 2022, we’re also reflecting on the good old days. While New Year’s may be all about looking ahead, there’s something undeniably nostalgic about the holiday that falls at midnight on December 31. After all, the iconic New Year’s Eve song “Auld Lang Syne” roughly translates to “old long since,” or “times gone by.” There are so many interesting and classic New Year’s Eve traditions that your grandparents probably practiced each and every year, from New Year decorations to classy New Year’s Eve dinner ideas and New Year’s superstitions, that we wish would make a comeback. If you agree, we’ve got the best New Year’s Eve traditions right here to help ring in 2022. More>>