12 Patriotic Virtual 4th of July Party Ideas for 2020

3 Jul
Just because you can’t get together with the gang in real life on the 4th doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast with them. Luckily, thanks to some nifty technological advances and serious out-of-the-box thinking, we’ve come to the rescue with a dozen virtual 4th of July party ideas. More>>

6 Rolls of Toilet Paper vs Life Insurance

1 Jul

Guest contributor: Chris Cook, senior vice president and head of underwriting at Crump Life Insurance Services

The ease of applying for and obtaining life insurance products during the pandemic has improved in recent weeks — and the process may be easier now than ever. Here’s a look at the product that’s easier to get during a pandemic. More>>

Life Insurance: The Chameleon of the Financial Services Industry

24 Jun

Guest contributor: Ralph Dittrich, CLU, ChFc is vice president, life product management with Crump Life Insurance Services

With today’s unprecedented market dynamics, it’s imperative that we insurance professionals learn to adapt. Similar to how a chameleon adapts to its environment in order to thrive, we find ourselves adjusting the way we communicate and work, as well as adapting our products and services to meet changing needs. More>>

Don’t Forget Life Insurance During a Divorce

22 Jun

Divorce can be devastating. Even an amicable divorce can cause financial hardship when you consider the cost of establishing and maintaining two individual households. While there are a lot of moving parts during and after a divorce, life insurance tends to be an afterthought. More>>

Income Protection Can Ease Covid-19 Side Effects

18 Jun

Guest contributor: Kenny Russell is the Director, Disability Sales with Crump Life Insurance Services

While it is not a cure, disability insurance (DI) can be a bandage to help clients stop the financial bleeding if they have a disabling event. At the very least, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of income to everyday lives.

Discussing ways to protect income, whether the client is working currently or not, is extremely important. This can be especially true since a disability is likely an unexpected, life changing event. More>>

7 Ways LTCi Can Keep Your Client Out of The Nursing Home

17 Jun

Guest contributor: Rick Stewart is the Director, Long-Term Care Sales with Crump Life Insurance Services

Nursing homes have received a lot of attention recently, and not in a good way. According to analysis completed for the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, 42% of all COVID-19 deaths are taking place in facilities that house 0.62% of the U.S. population. More>>

Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary

15 Jun
A life insurance policy provides financial support to those who survive you after your death. A life insurance beneficiary is the person who receives the death benefit payout from your life insurance policy when you die. This payout can be used for costs associated with your death (like funeral arrangements and paying off hospital bills) so that your family and friends aren’t burdened with those. But it can also be used by your beneficiary to pay off mortgages, help with childcare, purchase a new house, etc. More>>