5 key things to know when you create a will and make other end-of-life plans

27 Mar
estate plan

Contemplating your own death may not be on the list of things you’re eager to do. Yet for your family or other loved ones who would find themselves trying to sort out your affairs while also dealing with the emotional fallout from losing you, you having a so-called estate plan is important, experts say. And this is the case whether you are wealthy or not. More>>

So, What Happens to Your Life Insurance After You Die?

20 Mar
Loss of life

Getting life insurance is a no-brainer, as it can provide your family and loved ones with crucial financial protection if you pass away. But how exactly does it work? And by that, we mean how does it “kick in” and provide the benefits once you die? Let’s explore this question and more. Learn more

How to Regain Your Financial Footing When Life Gives You Lemons

6 Mar

Despite the best-laid plans, life has a way of throwing curveballs. When it does, money complications tend to follow. Curveballs like divorce and death can be especially hard to handle, and adding financial uncertainty increases stress further still. While you can’t prepare for everything, we spoke with Andrea Hohler, a financial professional, and Reshelle Smith, a certified financial planner and transition money professional, for advice on making those curveballs more manageable. More>>

9 tips for creating a home that is safe for aging in place

27 Feb

It’s never too early to start thinking about how your home can adapt to meet your changing needs over time, as well as what modifications might be required to make it safer, easier to use, and more accessible, says Melissa Birdsong, an interior designer and the board chairwoman of Raleigh Village East, a nonprofit organization focused on helping people age in place.

“Plan it, do it, and enjoy the benefits of a home that is easier to use now,” says Birdsong, 73. “And remember that you can make these changes and still maintain the style of your home. A safe home will increase its value and be more comfortable and more accessible for you, for other seniors who visit you, and for family members of all ages.” More>>

Why Buy Life Insurance? Let Us Count the Ways

13 Feb

British poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning penned the immortal line: “How do I love thee, let me count the ways.” There are many reasons to own life insurance and when you start to count the ways, the reasons all show love of family in many ways. More>>

Why Insurance May Help You Feel Better

30 Jan

Just imagining a scenario where you can’t pay your bills is stressful. Now imagine how stressful it would be if you really couldn’t pay a bill. One’s mental health could be put to the test.

Dealing with an emergency is likely to raise anyone’s blood pressure. Oftentimes, it comes with a high price. Many Americans feel unprepared to pay for one — whether the emergency is related to their health or home. A recent Bankrate survey reports that 58 percent of adults are concerned about how much money they have saved for these unexpected expenses.1

These concerns can lead to real stress. Having insurance may positively impact your mental health. More>>