Dependent Life Insurance Can Cover Unexpected Costs If Your Spouse Or Child Dies Unexpectedly

17 Feb

Most life insurance policies are meant to make up for lost income in case the insured person dies. For those who are not the primary income earner, life insurance is still an option. In this case, you would look for dependent life insurance as an add-on to the main income-earner’s policy. You may be able to add it to an individual plan, or select it as an option under the group life insurance plan offered by your employer. More >>

Do I Need Life Insurance?

10 Feb

Insurance is the price tag for being an adult. Heaven forbid something terrible happens to you, but if it does, insurance will be your lifeline. You pay for health insurance in case you get really sick. And if you have a car, you buy auto insurance in case you get in a serious accident. But do you really need to buy life insurance? More >>

What Are the Options for Life Insurance Payouts?

3 Feb

Life insurance can be a critical lifeline for individuals or families who have lost a cherished loved one. But receiving a large check during a moment of intense grief can also lead to confusion and poor financial decisions. That’s why it’s important to understand the different options for receiving a life insurance payout. More >>

Why 2020 Should Be Your Year to Buy Life Insurance

27 Jan

It’s not something any of us ever wants to think about, but what if you were to die suddenly? How would your loved ones handle not only the emotional loss but also the financial cost? Life insurance can cover the loss of your income from the household, plus offset your funeral expenses and pay off outstanding debts. While creditors might try to go after your assets or your family members to pay off debts, they can’t touch life insurance benefits. More >>

Life Insurance for Business Planning

20 Jan

You may be more familiar with buying life insurance for yourself or a family member as death benefit protection, but are you aware of the role it can play in business planning? Whether you’re an entrepreneur thinking about how to protect your share of the business or are looking for ways to reward your top performers, life insurance could be a solution. More >>

Why Life Insurance Policies Aren’t Just For The Wealthy

13 Jan

Did you know that, according to Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, 75% of businesses are underinsured? Although most businesses know the value of having insurance to cover unexpected hazards or losses, the vast majority are still not sufficiently covered to provide an effective safety net. More >>

Paying off Debt with Whole Life Insurance

6 Jan

According to the Federal Reserve, consumer debt was approaching $14 trillion after the second quarter of 2019. And while that debt has, no doubt, financed some very fine lifestyles, it has also made it more difficult to save money. Take college loans, for example. Student loans look like a good deal to young folks just starting out, but there’s a lot of little “gotchas” that turn these non-conventional loans into a nightmare. More >>

What Single Parents Need to Consider about Life Insurance

30 Dec

If you’re a single parent, you know raising a child on your own is expensive. But imagine if something happens to you. How will those costs be covered for your kids? That’s where life insurance comes in. If one parent passes away in a two-parent household, the surviving parent will still be there to provide for the family. More >>

What You Need to Know About…The Medical Information Bureau

23 Dec

The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) maintains a database of confidential medical and non-medical (hazardous avocations, hobbies, and driving violations) information. The main function of the MIB is to provide the exchange of underwriting information among its members. More >>

Reasons for Caregivers to Purchase Life Insurance

16 Dec

There are 43 million, unpaid family caregivers in America and most of them don’t have life insurance. Unfortunately, if a caregiver suddenly passes away without insurance, the care they provide may be in jeopardy.  If you’re a caregiver, consider purchasing life insurance for three reasons. More >>