Don’t Forget Life Insurance During a Divorce

22 Jun

Divorce can be devastating. Even an amicable divorce can cause financial hardship when you consider the cost of establishing and maintaining two individual households. While there are a lot of moving parts during and after a divorce, life insurance tends to be an afterthought. More>>

Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary

15 Jun
A life insurance policy provides financial support to those who survive you after your death. A life insurance beneficiary is the person who receives the death benefit payout from your life insurance policy when you die. This payout can be used for costs associated with your death (like funeral arrangements and paying off hospital bills) so that your family and friends aren’t burdened with those. But it can also be used by your beneficiary to pay off mortgages, help with childcare, purchase a new house, etc. More>>  

What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Disability Insurance

1 Jun

Many people simply pass on disability insurance during their open enrollment period for company benefits. We tend to think that disabling events won’t happen to us. We won’t get in a car crash, we won’t have a heart attack, aneurysm, etc. It happens to other people, not us. We may even know someone struck with one of these life-altering events, yet we still cling to believing it won’t happen to us. Until recently, that is. Now, daily press briefings on the coronavirus have made getting deathly sick part of our daily thought process. And some people find themselves in dire financial straits due to their own or their partner’s illness. More>>

Do I Need Disability Insurance?

25 May

Your employer may offer disability insurance, but investigate its coverage limits and tax implications. So what would happen if they lost the ability to earn that paycheck tomorrow? What if an illness disrupted their ability to work for three months? What if a serious accident prevented them from ever working again? Would they be able to pay their mortgage? Would their kids still have a college savings account? Would they be able to retire? More>>

Your Chance of Missing Work Due to Illness, Injury, or Pregnancy is Greater Than You Think

18 May

Nearly six percent of workers every year will experience a short-term disability due to illness, injury, or pregnancy. Three quarters of these claims last up to two and a half months, and the rest can last for up to six months or a year. How will you pay your bills if you aren’t earning an income during this time? More>>

Disability Insurance Facts from LIMRA

12 May

During Disability Insurance Awareness Month, LIMRA joins the industry to remind Americans about the importance of having disability insurance coverage to protect their income if they become disabled and are unable to work. Here are some facts that highlight the importance of disability insurance coverage. More>>

Moms Listen Up: You Need Life Insurance, Too

4 May

Could you imagine the total cost of having your own personal chef, nurse practitioner, counselor, bookkeeper, decorator, chauffeur, cleaning lady? It would cost a ton! It is very common in many households where the breadwinner has purchased plenty of insurance to cover them, but what about the stay-at-home mom who performs many of the above tasks on a daily basis? More>>