5 myths the Hispanic community has about life insurance

25 Sep
Six Hispanic women standing outside together celebrating one woman's pregnancy.

Insurance professional and Mexican American Monica Rangel works hard to educate the Hispanic community about life insurance.

The founder and CEO of Efficient Financial and Insurance Solutions in Brea, Calif., regularly helps members of her local community get life insurance coverage. Here are the biggest misconceptions she encounters from her Hispanic clients. More>>

Celebrating Life Insurance Awareness Month

13 Sep
The underside of a group of red, green, yellow, and blue umbrellas.

This month is the perfect opportunity for our industry to engage and educate the many Americans who live with a life insurance coverage gap. Together, we can help them get the life insurance they need to protect their families and achieve financial security.

Here are resources that provide insights about what’s impacting life insurance ownership in 2023 and the vital role life insurance can play in providing financial security. More>>

Single mothers: A growing, yet often overlooked, market segment

26 Jul
Young, single mother and her son sitting on the wood floor making faces at each other

The annual LIMRA and Life Happens U.S. Insurance Barometer Study has expanded over its 13 years, enabling the analysis of many different demographic groups. Life insurers should acknowledge and react to the changing face of the American family and ongoing demographic shifts to remain attractive and viable to as many potential customers as possible. More>>

Are you missing out on 10% or more of the population as clients?

28 Jun
LGBTQ+ love

Guest contributor Michael Rusk, senior vice president, internal sales and administration at Truist Life Insurance Services.

With an increasingly diverse population, it’s important for financial professionals to expand their client base. The LGBTQ+ population is an underserved demographic. While financial planning is now in step with straight couples, there are specific challenges that the LGBTQ+ population faces. In this episode, Michael shares his personal experience and professional insight. Podcast>>

Why meeting the financial needs of women matters

31 May
Woman working

Guest contributor, Eileen Shovlin, director, business development at Crump Life Insurance Services.

It has been widely publicized that there has been a considerable shift in wealth in the U.S. to women. Women now control a third of the total U.S. household financial assets. If you’re a financial professional and you’re not thinking daily about how to meet American women’s needs better, you are not only in jeopardy of losing current clients but also of missing out on many new opportunities to grow your clientele. More>>