How to Cater a Sales Strategy to Gen Z

25 Mar

Generation Z is the first generation to be raised entirely in the internet age – a childhood where smartphones are practically omnipresent and dedicating 23 hours per week to streaming video content is commonplace. They’re tech-savvy, skeptical, and – like any new generation to those that came before it – difficult to reach and understand. More >>

5 Tips for Advising the New Sandwich Generation

28 Feb

While the “sandwich generation” is nothing new, the latest members of this group are facing a unique set of challenges, like more debt, increasing college costs for their kids and parents who are living longer. Based on the findings of Fidelity’s ninth Millionaire Outlook study, 61% of Gen X/Y millionaires are supporting children and/or grandchildren and 20% are supporting parents and/or grandparents. What’s more, nearly seven in 10 are carrying debt, adding to their financial juggling act. More >>

Black Americans Offer a Huge Opportunity in Life Insurance Sales

8 Mar

Black Americans place a premium on life insurance compared to the general population.

Seventy-five percent of Black American households own some form of life insurance (individual life and group life) compared to 70 percent of the general population.

But where the numbers truly diverge is in the demand for life insurance products.  More >>

Asian-Americans: An Essential Life Insurance Marketing Demographic

31 Aug

083116asianamericansIf you’re aiming to expand your presence in certain markets, you could do worse than to direct the lion’s share of your attention to an often overlooked group: Asian-Americans.

Just name one benchmark: Household income? Financial assets? Home ownership? Children sent off to college? Asian-Americans surpass (sometimes by a wide margin) statistics for the general U.S. population. More >>