Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Stint on Disability Insurance

29 Apr

Working for yourself or running your own business usually comes with a multitude of perks and benefits – flexible work schedules, the joy of being your own boss, the ability to explore and bring to fruition your creative passions and more. In many cases, working remotely can also be an option, allowing entrepreneurs to choose when and where they work. More >>

Do I Need Disability Insurance?

18 Mar

Many workers spend years nurturing their ability to earn a paycheck. They complete specialized training programs, negotiate salary and score promotions. They take night classes, work overtime and find ways to make themselves indispensable to their employer. So what would happen if they lost the ability to earn that paycheck tomorrow? More >>

Disability Insurance is Too Expensive…and I’m Invincible

16 Aug

Myths are an interesting mix of a little fact and a lot of fiction — they’re often a way to validate long-held beliefs, regardless of their accuracy. One of the myths surrounding disability income insurance is that it’s too expensive. In addition to that, it’s common to come across clients who think they’re invincible. More >>

Learning to Thrive to Honor Our Parents’ Memory

30 May

I lost my father to lung cancer when I was 7 years old. Without his steady income and also without adequate life insurance covering his loss, my mother had to raise my brother, who was 10, my sister, who was 9, and me by herself solely on Social Security and disability income. More >>

To Boost Disability Insurance Sales, Add Sunshine

24 May

Today, people expect to buy just about anything online. However, when it comes to insurance, that isn’t always that simple.

Buying insurance online, especially products like whole life and disability income insurance, can be difficult because there are so many important variables that need to be explained by a professional before the buyer can make an educated decision. It can even be challenging to research policy features and costs online without background on specific industry terms and language. More >>