Changes To Social Security You Need To Know For 2020

11 Dec

Changes are to the Social Security Administration pension program are an annual event and 2020 is no different. Some changes are due to formulas, while others are part of the legislative framework underpinning Social Security. Here are six changes on the books for 2020. More >>

Retirees’ Top Financial Concerns All Revolve Around This 1 Thing

25 Mar

Though retirement is an exciting milestone to look forward to, the idea of it can be nerve-wracking. After all, there’s a host of financial unknowns associated with retirement, and living on a fixed income leaves many seniors struggling to make ends meet. More >>

Why Life Insurance Has to Be Part of Your Wealth-Building Plan

28 May

Every day, life insurance companies pay death benefits to the beneficiaries of their policies, providing them with needed and certainly welcome funds. In essence, life insurance provides leverage: You pay a relatively small amount of money to the insurance company in the form of a “premium,” and the insurance company will provide a guaranteed payout of a relatively large amount of money upon the death of the insured. More >>

Financial Planning: A Crucial Step in Raising Children

21 May

Raising children requires a lot of things. It requires your time, attention, love, affection, and support. However, being a parent also means possessing the ability to provide for your children as well. From making sure you can put a roof over their heads and keep clothes on their back to affording higher education and being prepared for those unforeseen circumstances and life-changing milestones, it is imperative that your finances are in order. More >>

Financial Procrastination: You’ll Act on These Tips – One of These Days

7 May

Americans pay a price for procrastinating on financial matters, but many delay anyway.

Missed financial opportunities abound, whether it’s in getting a late start in retirement planning, failing to draw up a will or simply not having enough cash on hand to meet emergency expenses. More >>

Follow These 3 Steps to Meet Your Financial Goals

16 Apr

If you want to reach your financial goals (big or small), it’s time to get schooled in financial literacy.

Don’t worry. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Read on for three quick and easy tips you can follow to give you the knowledge, skills and tools to manage your money and plan for the future. More >>

10 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

2 Apr

I’ve found that complicated finances lead to procrastination and stress. Too much time is spent simply organizing papers and data to figure out where things stand. By then, people are too exhausted to make decisions or implement changes.

If that sounds like your situation, take some time to simplify your financial life. More >>

Involving Your Kids in Financial Planning

5 Mar

Involving your children in your family’s financial planning process is important because everyone involved benefits from the experience, including your financial planner. I discovered this when one of my clients brought his son to a recent appointment. I’ve always encouraged people with children to engage their chidren in learning about finances, however, I don’t usually have clients bring their kids to a planning meeting. It was one of the best review meetings I can remember because it embodied the spirit of family planning. More >>

How Millennial Leaders Can Create a Realistic Retirement Plan

26 Feb

Millennials might be accused of mindlessly spending their paychecks on avocado toasts and online shopping, yet up to 58% of them are also putting some money away for retirement. That’s the good news. The bad news is that millennial leaders aren’t saving enough, and they have some pretty unrealistic ideas about the whole thing. More >>