Millennials Need to Protect Their Income

23 Aug

Millennials often get a bad reputation for being behind in their professional endeavors. A stagnant economy in the late 2000s led to many not starting their careers off on the right foot. But, with the economy recovering and the average millennials are now in their mid-to late-20s, this demographic is starting to settle into their profession and accelerate in their careers. More >>

7 Tips for Success from 500 Top Financial Professionals

12 Jul

Imagine if you had a chance to sit in a room with 500 top financial professionals. Imagine learning from them over the course of a two- to three-day period.

What would you ask them? What would you hope to learn about being a successful financial professional? More >

Adopting Financial Habits That Stick

12 Jun

According to, the third most popular resolution for 2017 was making better financial decisions. If your goal is to become a better steward of your hard-earned money, what does it take to improve your odds of succeeding once you decide to make some positive financial changes? More >>

Creating a Better Financial Future Through Life Insurance

15 May

Asked to come up with a topic that is both intriguing and exciting, most people would not place life insurance at the top of the list. Whether this negative perception is due to its reputation as being boring or to the unease created by an association with facing one’s mortality, there is no doubt that life insurance is one of the most maligned financial products. More >>

Financial Spring Cleaning: Which Documents to Save and Which Papers to Toss

8 May

If you’re engaging in a little financial spring cleaning this year, consider scanning your records and storing them electronically. Specific rules may vary depending on the asset, transaction or expense but generally, you want to make sure that your electronic records are as accurate (and legible) as your paper records and easily accessible.

From tax documents to employee benefits, here are some tips on what documents to toss or save. More >>

Six Steps to Help Parents Prioritize Their Paychecks

3 May

Parents of young children usually have more places that their money needs to go than they have funds to cover every current and future obligation. You can help them sort out where to put each and every dollar each month so that short-term concerns are addressed, yet long-term goals are still achieved. Here’s how parents should distribute their income on a month-to-month basis and how to save for retirement (and college) along the way. More >>

To Make a Financial Plan, You Need a Financial Purpose

3 Apr

What is meant by “purpose-driven finances”?

It simply means that money and wealth are just numbers on a ledger; they are nothing without a purpose attached to them.

In retirement, that purpose is different for everyone. But remember, this is not about rate of returns. Instead, the question is, “What do you want the wealth you have accumulated to do for you in retirement?” More >>

Having the ‘Real World’ Money Talk With Your Children

27 Mar

With the start of a new year, new semester or any new phase in life, discussing how to lay the groundwork for a stable financial foundation is a vital conversation to have with your children. The topics below are often forgotten, but critical to cover with your kids when discussing life in the “real” world. More >>