22 Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch for a Cozy Holiday at Home

14 Feb

There are a million fun date options that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re the kind of couple who goes out all the time and wants to mix things up, or you’re a tried and true pair of homebodies, cuddling up on the couch and turning on a romantic movie is a great thing to do. Once you’ve given the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and posted an Instagram with a funny caption, it’s time for you to get comfortable. More >>

37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon Under $25

7 Feb

Do me a favor: Close your eyes and take a moment to imagine a world where there are no small annoyances that instantly ruin your day: No slipping in the shower, no sipping a lukewarm beer, no digging through your purse trying to find your keys every morning. And now, try to imagine that the products that make this dream a reality are all available for under $25 bucks. More >>

Most Overrated NFL Players of All Time

31 Jan

Don’t you just love it that sports media are so quick to hype athletes as the biggest and the best. Then as soon as they go south, we pile on like kids in a mosh pit? Yeah, us, too. So as a public service, we’re honored to share some of our favorite overrated players in NFL history broken down by team. More >>

Who do you think is the most overrated football player?

6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter, According to Pros

24 Jan

Looking for ways to lower your heating bill? You’re far from the only one. The average heating bill for Americans is $1,500 year, according to HomeAdvisor. And for folks using gas instead of electricity to fuel their furnace, that bill is expected to surge. So while you can’t control oil prices, you can improve the way your home maintains heat and how you use it. More >>

Why You Should Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

17 Jan

Let’s be honest: These days, airplanes can barely fit your own two legs. Given the limited real estate that comes with an economy class seat, you can expect to sit for hours with a stiff neck and back, which takes a serious toll on your circulation. While most people know that standing up and walking around during your flight can boost your blood flow, it’s not always possible (or convenient!) to do so. That’s where a tennis ball comes in. More >>

Top 25 Most Quotable Scenes from Star Wars

10 Jan
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Would you call yourself a true Star Wars fan? Or perhaps you just read that sentence, laughed out loud, and asked, “Fan?” To some people, the Star Wars movies are just entertainment with special effects, exciting battle scenes, and a captivating storyline. More >>

January is Get Organized Month

3 Jan

Are you organized? It’s an important question. There are many ways of being organized, but some of us certainly have better organizational skills than others. A bit of organization can make even the most chaotic of spaces relatively manageable. Sometimes being organized is actually a safety issue. More >>

The Ultimate Guide to Tipping Etiquette in Every Situation, From Restaurants to Hair Salons

20 Dec

Tipping is like blockchain and Brexit: important, but super confusing. When and how much to tip can depend on any number of factors, including the specific situation, service, or even the location. Tipping used to be about showing appreciation for good service, but as minimum wage has plateaued, workers have come to depend on it. More >>

The 100 Coolest Tech Gadgets of 2019

13 Dec

We’ve found 100 cool tech products you need, so you can get your life in gear this year. We did all of the research and testing to bring you this list of the latest and greatest picks for you to stay on the cutting edge of tech. More >>