21 genius uses for hand sanitizer you’ll wish you knew before

2 Jun
Hand sanitizer

This gel can come in handy during cold and flu season and in extremely germy situations like hospitals, medical clinics, and doctors’ offices. And while dermatologists recommend you don’t overuse it on your hands—it can really dry them out—there are plenty of other uses that you may never have thought of: Keeping hand sanitizer around the house is a great idea, germs or no germs. More>>

17 things you’re keeping for no reason—and should toss

26 May
Junk drawer

When my circa-1987 all-gray kitchen finally underwent a much-needed renovation, my husband and I had to take every single thing out of our cupboards and drawers.

It was kind of like an archeological dig, as we discovered mysterious gadgets, orphaned appliance cords, and even a 1990 receipt for a coffeemaker purchased by our home’s previous owners. And we learned a major lesson: You probably don’t need many items you still stubbornly hold onto.

Following is a list of just a few of the items you probably have lying around but no longer need in your life. More>>

15 words that people say aren’t real—but are

19 May

The English language is complicated, to say the least, and sometimes the rules just don’t make any sense. Especially with texting being such a staple in today’s communication, abbreviations, contractions, and other words that just don’t sound as if they possibly could be considered legitimate have become English language staples and have even been added to our dictionary. English is wacky so we’ve compiled a list of words that people don’t believe are actually real but have been declared authentic by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. More>>

10 ways you’re shortening the life of your phone

5 May
mobile charging

You may think keeping a phone constantly charged is a good thing—wrong! Learn the surprising ways you’re shortening the life of your phone. Getting a new phone isn’t cheap, so you want it to last as long as possible. Read on the discover the ways you’re causing your phone to break down on you faster. More>>

10 Things You’ll Regret Wasting Your Time on in 10 Years

14 Apr
In 10 years

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressures of life, it’s time to take a step back and realize that many of the things we stress about today won’t even matter in a decade. From material possessions to trivial arguments, we’ve rounded up ten things that you won’t care about in 10 years. More>>

4 Little-Known Painting Tricks That Will Change the Way We All Paint Rooms

7 Apr

There’s nothing nicer than making over a room, and it all starts with a fresh coat of paint. Changing a room’s color will alter its entire mood and give your home a burst of new energy.

But before you can bask in your new favorite color’s glow, you must paint the walls. And that can be a hassle. If you paint a room yourself, check out these super-simple but life-changing tips that will take the stress out of painting. And they don’t require any fancy equipment, either! More>>