How to Decorate for the Holidays, According to Your Zodiac

27 Nov

Which zodiac sign always creates an impeccable seasonal display? And which one is totally tacky (and loving it)? Decking your halls and more with all sorts of festive decor is a fun part of the holidays, but let’s face it: Some of you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s OK! Not everyone has a knack for interior design. Even if you do, you may have hit a creative wall or just can’t seem to get a clear mental picture of your artistic vision. Thankfully, your zodiac holds the key to understanding your decorating instincts and how best to use them. More>>

Happy Thanksgiving! What’s Your State’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side?

26 Nov

The turkey is the most iconic part of Thanksgiving dinner, and not to take away its shine or anything, but it’s definitely not the BEST part of the meal. Turkey is simply an outlet for my uncle to use his fancy new electric carver and a vessel for which I can eat a ton of delicious gravy. My friends, as we all know, it’s actually all about the sides, and this year, a survey found that when it comes to our favorite ones, Americans are full of surprises. Here’s to hoping you are enjoying your favorite side dish today. More>>

Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren’t Pies

20 Nov

Pies are great and all, but Thanksgiving can get a little overloaded with pies. Everyone’s got to have pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie, but having those same pies every year gets boring fast. To mix things up, you can use those beloved fall flavors in other types of desserts. Items like cakes, cobblers, cheesecakes, trifles, and puddings are just as good as pies, if not better. So, branch out this year with some new Thanksgiving dessert recipes that will make you forget all about pie. More>>

21 Most Important Political TV Series of All Time

6 Nov

TV shows have been taking on politics for decades. Long before “The Crown” and “House of Cards” hit the small screen, viewers got inside looks at presidential campaigns, White House senior staffers, and the world of counterterrorism with shows like “Yes, Minister” and “Tanner ’88.” Take a look back at the most important political TV shows of all time. More>>

Most Haunted Cities in America and the Ghosts That Call Them Home

30 Oct

From the sun-soaked shores of California to the bustling cities in the Northeast, the U.S. has countless destinations worth exploring. Some travelers look for cities with thriving food and nightlife scenes, while others seek out beautiful national parks, but the most intrepid travelers choose their next vacation destination based on the likelihood of a paranormal encounter.

Here are 10 of the most haunted cities in America. More>>

25 Best Whodunit Films

23 Oct

Who has done it? This is a question at the center of many a story. You may know it as a “Whodunit?” There are mystery stories where you as the reader or the viewer doesn’t know who committed the crime, usually a murder, and the story involves a character or characters trying to figure it out. Maybe you can figure out whodunit yourself, and maybe you can’t. These are different from shows like “Columbo” where you know who did it but the point is finding out how Columbo will figure it out for himself and catch the criminal. We aren’t talking TV, though. We’re talking film. Here are 25 of our favorite Whodunit movies. The genre is a little nebulous, but we feel these all make the cut. Read more>>

72 Spooktacular No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas to Fill Your Halloween With Fun

16 Oct

Use paint, tape, glitter, and other fun accessories to create these easy designs. If you want to display a decorative pumpkin this Halloween but you lack carving skills (or patience) – don’t fret. You can still have the most festive Halloween pumpkin on the block without picking up a carving knife. More>>

Everything’s scary. What’s Halloween going to be like?

9 Oct

Right now, I should be wandering the blood-soaked halls of a decrepit house. There should be a chainsaw-wielding clown waiting in the shadows. I should be struggling to see in the dark, about to suffer a mild panic attack when an air cannon shoots me in the face. Instead, I’m sitting on my couch alone, with no demented clowns in sight. While the holiday will certainly look different this year, it’s far from canceled. More>>

Interesting Facts About Autumn

2 Oct

Did you know that autumn is derived from the French, which came from the Latin autumnus, the Roman name for this season. While Americans typically use the word “fall,” the British use the word “autumn,” though both terms date around the 16th century. Before these terms, the period was called “harvest.” How about the fact that since 1997, Autumn has been one of the top 100 names for girls in the United States. Or, has a movie with the title autumn won an Oscar? Find out which seasons have won and more interesting facts about Autumn>>