Move It! 5 Simple Ways to Get More Exercise at Work

25 Sep

workexerciseYou already know that sitting all day at work isn’t good for your health, but how do you combat the negative health effects of a desk job? Sure, you can head to the gym after work, but when you don’t have time to focus purely on your fitness, you can still get in a little exercise in the office — without even breaking a sweat.
Here are five simple ways to get moving at work. More >>

Do You Know How Life Insurance Works?

18 Sep

LI_quizLife insurance, like any insurance, gives you peace of mind should something happen to you. But knowing what you need and what to look for in a life insurance policy can be overwhelming. If you are thinking about taking out a life insurance policy, see how much you know about life insurance through our handy quiz. More >>

How Well Do You Know Your Co-Workers?

4 Sep

coworkersFor many, the office can be a second home. You spend hour after hour plugging away at your desk, dealing with co-workers and answering to your bosses. But how well do you really know your office? Test your knowledge on the American workplace. More >>

The Facts and Myths of Life Insurance

21 Aug

mythsvsfactOver the past couple of decades, something alarming has been happening: The percentage of people signing up for life insurance is on the decline. Only 40% of adult Americans have life insurance. Of widows and widowers whose spouses died prematurely (between the ages of 30 and 55), only a quarter felt their spouses had adequate life insurance. Why are Americans failing to pick up coverage? It may be because they misunderstand the cost and benefits of it. More >>

15 of the Worst Office Pet Peeves

14 Aug

petpeevesHow many hours of each day, week, month and year do you spend at work? The workplace is your home away from home, which means that maintaining a happy work family is important for everyone’s sake. Strive to make coming to work a fun experience, while also having a chocolate stash nearby in case someone gets cranky come the afternoon energy crash. We have compiled a list of the worst office offenders, both from online sources and our own editorial staff, and would like to offer some tips on how to solve these tricky situations. More >>

What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

7 Aug

procrastinateIn truth, procrastination seems to be a core part of human nature. Philosophers, authors and other notable figures throughout history have directly addressed it. Benjamin Franklin is rumored to have said: “You may delay, but time will not.”Admittedly, there’s a lot to do at work and around the house. It takes time to read all those business books. There are CE credits to secure and marketing plans to produce and social media initiatives to undertake. But no matter how efficient we are, we never seem to get it all done. Why is that? More >>