Three reasons to consider life insurance for college students

28 Aug
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College students are usually focused on getting to class, maintaining good grades and graduating on time. Student life insurance policies are an issue that they’re unlikely to contemplate.
But there are some circumstances when a college student should weigh buying life insurance. It can provide an extra layer of financial protection for a surviving family. Consider these situations. More>>

8 steps for winning with younger clients

19 Jul
Four young adults dancing outside.

The past several years really opened the eyes of many consumers. The pandemic and post-pandemic reality forced many people to look hard at their current health situation and well-being, as well as thoughts of longevity and security. The need for and importance of being covered and protected has especially resonated with the millennial and Generation Z demographics. Now is a perfect time for financial professionals to connect with, educate and establish long-term relationships with younger clients. More>>

I just graduated. Isn’t it too early to talk about life insurance?

5 Jun

Life insurance may not seem like a priority right now, especially with competing financial concerns, such as saving for your first big purchases or paying off your student loans. But being a young adult means you’re entering a new stage of life. Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing life insurance now, depending on your personal situation. More>>

The Human-Tech Connection – Reaching Consumers Where They Are

4 Jan

Consumer use of social media for financial purposes more than doubled in the last three years, to 53 percent. Today’s consumers use these applications more frequently for financial advice and multiple sites. In 2022, the average user visits almost three sites for the same purpose. Consequently, the definition of “family and friends” pertains to a broader network of consumers now, providing industry professionals with more access points for brand awareness and business development. More>>

I’m Gen Z… Do I Need Life Insurance?

19 Dec

Gen Z adults are between the ages of 18 and 24 today… they’re young and healthy overall. So if you’re part of this generation, you may be thinking, why would I need life insurance?

But life happens. Life insurance can still be beneficial in case of sudden death, illness or other tragic and unforeseen circumstances. Knowing the different types of life insurance available is the first step in deciding what works best for your lifestyle. More>>

Is Financial Literacy on Your Teen’s Schedule? Here are the Skills They Need to Know

19 Apr

If you’re the parent of a teen, you probably remember back “in the day” when life skills, including financial literacy, were part of the high school curriculum. Many parents are surprised to learn this vital topic is not even on the schedule anymore in most schools; in fact, the advocacy organization Next Gen Personal Finance finds that fewer than 20% of high school students are required to take even one semester of personal finance. That’s why it’s imperative for parents to step in to cover some basic concepts. Here are four discussions to have with your teens that are just as important as other life skills, such as teaching them how to drive or do the laundry. More>>

COVID-19 Pandemic Motivates Younger People to Buy Life Insurance

10 Mar

Consumers’ pandemic shopping lists went beyond baking flour and exercise equipment in 2020. They also bought more life insurance. Applications for life insurance policies jumped 4% in 2020 in the U.S., the highest year-over-year annual growth rate since 2001, when MIB Group Inc., a member-owned organization, began tracking activity. More>>