4 times when term life insurance may be the answer

18 Sep
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What is likely the most affordable and least complicated kind of life insurance protection you can get?
The answer is term life insurance. This kind of life insurance provides a death benefit for a specific period. Term life insurance doesn’t offer the features various types of permanent insurance, such as whole life or universal life insurance, offer. More>>

Life insurance can offer more than a death benefit

30 Aug
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Guest contributor Carma McCallie, JD, is vice president, advanced markets, with Crump Life Insurance Services.

Life insurance can address a multitude of life concerns. The death benefit is especially helpful in providing a replacement for lost income to the insured’s family, covering estate settlement costs, including estate taxes or providing liquidity for business buyouts. But specific policies offer more than just the death benefit. Permanent policies can provide for an accumulation of cash value, and that cash can often be used for the insured’s lifetime needs, including supplemental retirement income. More>>

Four facts about getting disability insurance with a pre-existing condition

14 Aug
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We know that disability insurance is meant to provide coverage if you get sick or injured and can’t work. But what if you’re already sick or injured when you apply for disability insurance coverage? Can you still apply? And will it pay out when you need to file a disability claim?

A pre-existing condition refers to any medical condition you were already diagnosed with prior to applying for insurance coverage. Some common pre-existing conditions include diabetes, cancer, depression, asthma, HIV and epilepsy.

Here are four important facts about getting disability insurance with a pre-existing condition. More>>

5 advantages of combining annuities and life insurance for retirement

17 Jul
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Preparing for your retirement needs careful planning to ensure you get the right benefits after years of hard work. Combining annuities and life insurance can be one way to achieve a comprehensive plan that sets you on the right track for a relaxing retirement.

You can use both annuities and life insurance as part of your retirement strategy. This approach delivers several benefits, depending on your specific financial situation. More>>

3 reasons more people of color need to invest in life insurance

19 Jun

Life insurance is a crucial tool to protect your financial assets. With the tax-advantaged investing component of a permanent life insurance policy, life insurance is the gift that keeps giving.

So, it’s not surprising that people of color are starting to see the long-term benefits of life insurance. Policyholders can use plans for retirement and other personal financial planning. It can also change the outlook for future generations by building generational wealth. Growing knowledge could explain why, according to a recent study by LIMRA, members of the black community purchase life insurance 4% more often than the general population. More>>

Annuity 101

12 Jun
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People are living longer and healthier lives, with retirement looking less like a slowdown than a new chapter in life. Changing how retirement looks and how long it lasts also means exploring how you can make your savings and income from varied sources last as long as you do. That’s where annuities come in. They can help you create a guaranteed income stream you won’t outlive. More>>

I just graduated. Isn’t it too early to talk about life insurance?

5 Jun

Life insurance may not seem like a priority right now, especially with competing financial concerns, such as saving for your first big purchases or paying off your student loans. But being a young adult means you’re entering a new stage of life. Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing life insurance now, depending on your personal situation. More>>

LIMRA: From Intent to Action: Creating Financial Security for Black Americans

1 Mar

The impact of COVID-19 continues to weigh on Black Americans. According to LIMRA’s latest Consumer Sentiment Study, while Americans’ overall concern about COVID has dropped by half to 25% compared to a year ago, 4 in 10 Black Americans continue to express heightened concern about COVID-19, and 41% report high levels of financial stress in early 2023, compared with just 32% of the general population.

One of the ways Black Americans can improve their sense of financial security is by owning life insurance. According to the 2022 Insurance Barometer Study, 68% of Black Americans who own life insurance feel financially secure, compared to 47% of uninsured Black Americans. More>>