Insurance New Year’s Resolutions

4 Jan

During this time of year, many people make New Year’s resolutions. Examples include eating healthier, losing weight, paying off debt, or finally starting that business you have been talking about for the past few years. One area of your finances where it makes sense to create some resolutions for the New Year is with your insurance coverage.

Here are five tips to help ensure that you have the right insurance coverage to fit your needs during the New Year and beyond. More>>

How to Grow Your Insurance Practice During Challenging Times

27 May

This article will provide guidance for insurance professionals experiencing difficult circumstances, regardless of cause, that are external to us and beyond our control. Please consider the following in terms of ‘what you can control’ during a difficult period of time that will serve and further your practice and career. More>>

15 Motivational Quotes from Sports Legends

12 Jan

The world of sports is a lot like business. There’s training. Competition. Wins and losses. Passion. Hard work. Shall I go on?

Just as an aspiring baseball or basketball player could find inspiration from successful business leaders, entrepreneurs can draw motivation from the world’s hardest working and most dominant athletes.

With that in mind, we’ve collected 15 of the best quotes from legends in the world of sports. Whether you’re just starting out or pushing your business to the next level, these quotes are sure to kick your motivation into high gear. More >>

19 Things All Millionaires Did Before They Got Rich

23 Nov

112316richEveryone wants to be rich. Google “how to become wealthy” and you’ll get 7.3 million search results. “Get rich quick” has 9.6 million results.

But as almost any self-made millionaire will tell you, wealth isn’t an accident. They had to develop a mindset and attitudes that shaped their approach to work and life — setting them on the path to success. And they did so when they hadn’t made it yet, building a foundation of habits that led to their eventual wealth. More >>

The 42 Best Pieces of Sales Advice from 500-Plus Selling Experts

24 Aug

082416salesadviceEvery salesperson has received at least one piece of advice that’s stuck with them: That nugget of wisdom that’s consistently helped them be more productive, help more prospects, or win more deals.

If you’re curious to learn other reps’ all-time favorite sales advice, good news — more than 500 members of the Practical Sales Tips LinkedIn group recently shared theirs. We’ve handpicked 42 of the best soundbites. More >>

Luck Is Where Opportunity Meets Preparation

17 Aug

081716luckIn our industry, we might not be staring down an opponent in a wrestling singlet, but every sale becomes progressively more challenging as our goals get bigger and bigger. It’s one thing to sell to an individual consumer, but convincing a company with a few hundred employees to switch plans is another challenge entirely. More >>