Policy Review: Make Sure Your Clients’ Life Insurance is Still Working for Them

14 Sep

Guest contributor Carma McCallie, JD, is vice president, advanced sales, at Crump Life Insurance Services.

Change is inevitable. Our clients’ lives are constantly changing, and as their financial professionals, we recognize that their financial needs and goals also change. By regularly reviewing their portfolios, we help to ensure that their asset mix matches where they currently are in life and where they plan to go. However, one vital component of their overall plan often gets overlooked in that review process — and that component is insurance. More>>

Life Insurance Awareness Month (2022)

7 Sep
Every September, the industry — led by Life Happens — comes together to sponsor Life Insurance Awareness Month. Check out the resources that provide insights about what’s impacting life insurance ownership in 2022 and the important role life insurance can play in providing financial security. More>>

Navigate Stock Risks with Life Insurance

31 Aug
Guest contributor Chris Seebeck, senior vice president, institutional experience and strategic growth at Crump Life Insurance Services.

If you have been providing financial advice to clients for more than 20 years, then you have experienced sustained market challenges. Call it the “mentality of the bull.” Still, despite some COVID-related market disruptions, the past 10-plus years of continuous growth in the markets have given some clients amnesia to market challenges and the concept of cyclical recessions. That can make for some tough conversations, but these times can also be terrific opportunities to build deeper relationships with clients when you work them through the plans you have in place and how you anticipated events like these. Hurray for good planning! More>>

Not Every Sale can be a ‘Whale’

17 Aug
Guest contributor Jason Patterson, ALMI, ACS, life product analyst at Crump Life Insurance Services.

Everyone wants the whale sale. Who wouldn’t love to have all of the large premium, large face amount, large target premium cases they can get?

Every policy can help a family, whether the benefit lasts months or years. Every policy that can be sold is worth the time to sell because every policy can change a family’s future to some degree. Make sure to pay attention to the smaller fish in the sea while keeping an eye out for the whales. More>>

Customer Service is Always Easy… Until It Isn’t!

20 Jul

Guest contributor Joanne Pietrini-Smith, chief operating officer at Crump Life Insurance Services.

Henry Ford debuted his Model T car in 1908, which was revolutionary for many reasons — including that Ford offered a windshield as an option. At about the same time, department store pioneers like John Wanamaker, Marshall Field, and Harry Gordon Selfridge began using what would become the universal customer service phrase: “The customer is always right.”

Times have changed. Cars come standard with not only windshields but also onboard computers and state-of-the-art entertainment. One thing that has not changed, however, is that the customer is always right. But what happens when the customer isn’t right? Let’s look at how financial professionals can use their expertise and the latest tools to best respond to, maintain, and further develop client relationships. More>>

Blending Digital Solutions with Traditional Processes

13 Jul

Guest contributor Travis Phillips, vice president, digital solutions at Crump Life Insurance Services.

It has been a long and winding road, but we are finally seeing digital disruption in the life insurance industry, allowing price and process to converge. The value of personal relationships, both those financial professionals have with their client and with distributors like a brokerage general agency, are key to determining the specific insurance needs of clients and navigating through the many available products to find the best solutions. A digital-first strategy is essential for financial professionals to take advantage of this disruption, but unlike some industries being transformed by technology, our industry will never be digital-only. At our organization, Crump Life Insurance Services, a leading national life insurance brokerage general agency, we want things to be simple. More>>

Switching Your Life Insurance

4 Jul

Life insurance coverage allows policyholders to take care of their loved ones financially after they pass away. Just as home and auto insurance provides peace of mind, life insurance allows policyholders to rest knowing that their beneficiaries will be more financially secure after their death. At times, life insurance policyholders may be interested in switching to a new insurance provider, potentially for a different type of policy or coverage amount. More>>

Go Where People Are Not Going: Serving the Female Investor

29 Jun

Guest contributor Eileen Shovlin, regional director at Crump Life Insurance Services.

A mentor once told me to “go where people are not going,” and I’ve kept this advice in mind as I work to help financial professionals grow their businesses. Our discussion focused on how to grow your new client business by going where people are not going: serving the female investor. More>>

Help Close the Financial Security Gaps in LGBTQ+ Community

22 Jun

While the LGBTQ+ community has made much progress over the past decade in terms of legal protections, thanks in large part to a few different favorable rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court, when it comes to many measures of financial security LGBTQ+ individuals still lack equality with the general U.S. population. More>>