3 reasons more people of color need to invest in life insurance

19 Jun

Life insurance is a crucial tool to protect your financial assets. With the tax-advantaged investing component of a permanent life insurance policy, life insurance is the gift that keeps giving.

So, it’s not surprising that people of color are starting to see the long-term benefits of life insurance. Policyholders can use plans for retirement and other personal financial planning. It can also change the outlook for future generations by building generational wealth. Growing knowledge could explain why, according to a recent study by LIMRA, members of the black community purchase life insurance 4% more often than the general population. More>>

What Juneteenth Means to Me, as a Black Financial Services Professional

21 Jun
Guest contributor, Jay Wilkerson, is an internal wholesaler at Crump Life Insurance Services.

Now that Juneteenth, also called Freedom Day or Black Independence Day, is a federal holiday, we must celebrate it for what it recognizes: the end of slavery in the United States, and not let it be seen as just another day off work.

To me, the observation of Juneteenth symbolizes the reflection and celebration of our resilience in the face of constant adversity. Although personal freedom is undoubtedly the most basic right, we should strive for a level of financial freedom as it is the ultimate way to protect our families and future generations. More>>