Retirees’ Top Financial Concerns All Revolve Around This 1 Thing

25 Mar

Though retirement is an exciting milestone to look forward to, the idea of it can be nerve-wracking. After all, there’s a host of financial unknowns associated with retirement, and living on a fixed income leaves many seniors struggling to make ends meet. More >>

Making Sense of Long-Term Care Planning

5 Dec

Our culture is in a bit of a conundrum. With the population growing older, an increasing number of clients require long-term care or are tending the needs of aging family members. Meeting needs in a manner that is comfortable for consumers can be challenging. What are the best words of advice for your clients? The answer is, that depends. More >>

Hybrid Life Insurance Policies Increasingly Popular As Long-Term Care Funding Strategy

3 Dec

While traditional stand-alone long-term care insurance (LTC) products have seen a drop in popularity in the past several years as a result of companies leaving the marketplace and of spiraling policy premiums, life insurance-backed long-term care financing strategies have experienced tremendous growth. More >>

Why Retirees Have to Talk About Long-Term Care

5 Nov

We all avoid certain tasks in our lives, whether it’s something small like our gym schedule, or something bigger, like spring cleaning. But one thing that should never be avoided is making a long-term care plan. Many of us know someone who had to spend all of their savings paying for care in a facility rather than sunning themselves on a Florida beach vacation. More >>

LTC 101: Traditional LTCi

29 Oct

Traditional long term care insurance (LTCi) is designed to help cover the expenses of long term care (LTC) services, many of which are not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and include personal and custodial care in a variety of settings such as your home, adult day care facilities, assisted living, nursing facilities or hospice. More >>

LTC 101: the Purpose of LTCi

8 Oct

The phrase ‘long term care’ (LTC) refers to the assistance that people with serious illness, injury or cognitive impairment require with activities of daily living. This skilled care is provided by nurses, therapists or other healthcare professionals. More >>

Considering Long Term Care Coverage? Here’s a Reality Check

11 Dec

As more people are thinking about long-term care planning for their elder years, the industry is responding with ever more options.

However, complete coverage may be out of reach for most people. Younger generations are taking notice, whether to encourage their parents to prepare for possible late-life infirmities or to make preparations for themselves earlier in their own lives. More >>

Tis the Season…to Look

29 Nov

Here we are in the middle of another holiday season.

Like most people, I enjoy spending the holidays in the company of family and friends, catching up on the year’s events and reliving old memories.

As you speak with clients this month, remind them how holiday visits can also be an important opportunity to check in on aging parents and older relatives with an eye toward their potential long-term care (LTC) needs. More >>