5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Life Insurance

17 Jul

Being catapulted into the adult world is a shock to the system, regardless of how prepared you think you are. And these days, it’s more complicated than ever, with internet access and mobile devices being must-have utilities and navigating tax forms when they aren’t as “EZ” as they used to be. More >>

Think About Life Insurance Sooner Rather Than Later

5 Dec

Business conceptIf you’re in your 20s or 30s and are taking the time to read this article, you’re a forward-thinker.

According to the life insurance industry research group LIMRA, nearly 30 percent of millennials polled say that saving for a vacation is more important than purchasing life insurance. Read a quick glossary of words and overview of life insurance so you’re prepared when speaking to your advisor. More >>

3 Things You Need to Do When You Get Your First Job

21 Nov

112116firstjobCongratulations on landing your first job! Now that you’re earning a living, it’s time to be proactive in taking care of your insurance. A healthy insurance portfolio protects your most precious assets in the event of death, disability or illness. Read on to learn three essential ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. More >>

How to Target Millennials with Life Insurance Marketing

26 Oct

102616millennialsmarketingBy now, many agents and advisors have begun to see the value of multigenerational planning. When done well, working with younger generations of clients can be win-win for everyone involved. It offers advisors an opportunity to grow their businesses in a way that is poised to last for decades to come. By welcoming new, younger clients, advisors create sustainable growth and the chance to develop client relationships from the ground up. More >>

I’m Young and Healthy. Do I Need Life Insurance?

24 Oct

101416youngpeopleIf you’re young and healthy, the last thing you’re likely to think about is your own mortality. But there are plenty of good reasons to consider protecting your loved ones in case of calamity, says Lorne Marr, director of new business development at LSM Insurance. “Life insurance is the most unselfish purchase you can make because it’s not for you. That’s the challenge that a lot of people have to get through,” he says. “It’s not a car or a house; it’s not a piece of jewelry. But people have to realize there is good value in it.” More >>

6 Money Mistakes 20-Somethings Make – and What to Do About Them

11 Jul

07111620somethingsLife as a young adult may be wrinkle-free, but it isn’t always pretty.

The thing to remember is that time is on your side. This means you’re young enough to recover from even the most spectacular financial failures. On the flip side, making good, informed choices now can have a huge impact on your lifestyle in the decades ahead. More >>

Millennials: The Debt-Averse, Insurance-Buying Generation

29 Jun

062916millennialsBy 2017, millennials will have the most buying power of any generation. Still, with all that power, there are some things they won’t spring for— things such as pay television, cars and mass-market beer. One thing millennials will buy, however, is insurance products. More >>