Don’t let life insurance be the pumpkin spice of client financial planning!

20 Sep
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Guest contributor Ron Bernas is digital content manager with Crump Life Insurance Services.

What does life insurance have to do with pumpkin spice?

What is the right season for talking about life insurance with clients? Is life insurance the pumpkin spice-flavored product in your portfolio? Let’s hope not! When discussing financial planning with clients, the question of when to introduce life insurance often arises. Is there a right season to discuss this critical aspect of their financial security? The answer is that it’s always the right season to talk to clients about life insurance options. More>>

Celebrating Life Insurance Awareness Month

13 Sep
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This month is the perfect opportunity for our industry to engage and educate the many Americans who live with a life insurance coverage gap. Together, we can help them get the life insurance they need to protect their families and achieve financial security.

Here are resources that provide insights about what’s impacting life insurance ownership in 2023 and the vital role life insurance can play in providing financial security. More>>

Celebrating 20 years, 20 moments of Life Insurance Awareness Month

6 Sep
Celebrating 20 years of Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life Happens’ 20th annual Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) is officially here! This September marks the 20th anniversary of our biggest campaign, and we’re celebrating all month long. Join us throughout September for 20 Years, 20 Moments, a calendar of events for each weekday during the month. Download the calendar here. From taking the Life Insurance Pledge on September 8, to sharing a memory of a loved one who has passed away on our Memory Wall on September 12, to using one of our free digital postcards to thank your insurance agent on September 22, the calendar is full of simple ways to spread awareness for the importance of life insurance. Save the dates!

The impact of state-mandated long term care insurance on your clients

23 Aug
Rick Stewart photo next to a mobile podcast image and two earbuds.

With Medicaid costs skyrocketing, states are taking action, mandating income taxes to provide for state-funded long term care insurance programs. This action will have a significant impact on the choices clients have for covering their long term care needs. In fact, some states are considering banning private LTC insurance in lieu of the state option. In this timely episode, Crump’s Rick Stewart provides an update on which states are currently considering this action, and what you can do to serve your clients before it’s too late. Podcast>>

Warn clients they can lose the ability to buy life insurance

16 Aug
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Financial advisors should talk to clients about the importance of buying life insurance as early as possible—and take a matter-of-fact approach to clients who are applying for coverage late. In many cases, clients decide to buy life insurance after someone close to them dies or their health deteriorates. What that means? Your clients are up against the clock. You need to warn them, but show them that you’re with them, not the clock. More>>

16 assumptions that cause advisors to lose clients

9 Aug
Older man waving goodbye as he walks down a hallway.

Today, many client relationships involve managed money or asset-based pricing. Advisors are paid regardless of how often or infrequently they are in touch with clients. Because professional money managers are involved, the client’s assets might even grow without advisory intervention. The bond between the client and the advisor is much weaker when communication drops off.

Let us look at 16 things some advisors assume, wrongly, about their clients. More>>

8 steps for winning with younger clients

19 Jul
Four young adults dancing outside.

The past several years really opened the eyes of many consumers. The pandemic and post-pandemic reality forced many people to look hard at their current health situation and well-being, as well as thoughts of longevity and security. The need for and importance of being covered and protected has especially resonated with the millennial and Generation Z demographics. Now is a perfect time for financial professionals to connect with, educate and establish long-term relationships with younger clients. More>>

3 techniques to help retirees spend more (yes, more!)

5 Jul
Older couple purchasing online

Many working Americans live by a simple financial mantra that says saving is good and spending is bad. In the real world, things are more complicated, especially for those who have accumulated substantial wealth. Advisors can deliver a lot of value to retiring clients by easing their fears about spending.

Jamie Hopkins, managing partner of wealth solutions for Carson Group, says there are many ways for advisors to help their clients feel comfortable spending. Still, there are three methods in particular that he has found to be the most powerful. More>>

Are you missing out on 10% or more of the population as clients?

28 Jun
LGBTQ+ love

Guest contributor Michael Rusk, senior vice president, internal sales and administration at Truist Life Insurance Services.

With an increasingly diverse population, it’s important for financial professionals to expand their client base. The LGBTQ+ population is an underserved demographic. While financial planning is now in step with straight couples, there are specific challenges that the LGBTQ+ population faces. In this episode, Michael shares his personal experience and professional insight. Podcast>>