The Sales Closing Technique That Gets Prospects to Overcome Their Own Objections

17 Oct

I’m not a big fan of closing early and often. I prefer to close once I know a prospect is already sold. I try to avoid signaling to prospects that I’m there to sell something. Instead, I strive to portray myself as an expert who is graciously and generously making myself available to help them. More >>

5 More Great Habits to Grow Your Business

10 Oct

A while back, I discussed some Great Habits to Grow Your Business. That was along with a discussion about Hoboken, New Jersey, people watching, Frank Sinatra, stopping at red lights, sunshiny days, the New York City skyline, and a pack of cigarettes. By the way, you shouldn’t smoke. Very bad for you. Anyway, I promised “5 More Great Habits to Grow Your Business.” So here they are! More >>

81 One-Sentence Sales Tips Every Rep Should Know

30 May

Just as the best athletes constantly practice, improve, and refine their strategy, successful salespeople are always experimenting with existing techniques and trying out new ones. After all, the second an athlete or rep stops striving to get better, they backslide.

I’ve collected one-sentence tips to keep you in peak selling shape. Whether you want to focus on your presentation skills, your approach to calling prospects, your methods for closing, or all of the above, you’ll find some great words of wisdom in this list. More >>

18 Professional Voicemail Greetings to Help You Record the Perfect One

23 May

I have a confession to make: I haven’t recorded a new voicemail greeting since 2014. In the past four years, I (hopefully) have become more articulate, poised, and self-assured. But hear my voicemail recording, and you’d think I was still new to the work world, a little unsure of myself — and probably not an authority.

Obviously I need to update it. And if you haven’t changed your voicemail greeting in over a year, you’re likely in the same boat. More >>

5 Overused Phrases to Cut from Your Sales Emails

14 Mar

When it comes to email, using cliches isn’t the worst sin you can commit (that dubious honor probably belongs to misspelling basic words or getting your prospect’s name wrong). But overused words and phrases don’t help you achieve your number one goal: Making your email stand out in the buyer’s mind and eventually earning their time.

To improve your response rates, the Grammarly team recommends avoiding these email cliches. More >>

The 15 Characteristics of People Who Succeed at Sales

24 Jan

If you’ve ever been involved with sales, then you know that it’s not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s selling a pair of sneakers at a store, a new heating system to homeowners or pitching a startup to investors, making that sale depends on the appearance, knowledge and enthusiasm of the salesperson. Quite frankly, not all of us have those characteristics in us. There is a saying that salesmen are born, not taught. Well, not exactly. Undoubtedly, there is natural talent, but can you can learn these characteristics and be just as successful? Yes! More >>

15 Sales Email Templates Perfect for the New Year

10 Jan

The beginning of the new year is a fantastic time to reach out to buyers. Your prospects are focused on starting fresh, driving change, and setting yearly goals — if you reach out with a relevant suggestion or compelling value proposition, they’ll be primed to respond. Double down on this effect by referencing the holiday in your message. More >>

The 6 Types of Presentation Styles: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

20 Dec

What if there wasn’t just one “right” way to give a presentation? What if there were several? Below, I’ve outlined six types of presentation styles. They’re used by famous speakers like Steve Jobs and Al Gore — and none of them are wrong. More >>