The Secrets of Using DISC to Close More Deals

10 May

“Autopilot sales mode”: Doing the same tasks day after day leads to autopilot, or the tendency to act without conscious thought.

For example, many salespeople have outgoing, talkative, emotional, enthusiastic personalities. And they sell in a way that feels most “natural” to them. Every time they get on a call, they sell in a way that they would like to be sold to without thinking twice about it. Most salespeople don’t think about why they’re saying what they’re saying. More >>

8 Powerful Phrases That Will Increase Your Influence

19 Apr

Charisma is hard to define — but when someone has charisma, it’s obvious. Charismatic salespeople have a significant advantage over their competition, since prospects are far likelier to engage with them, respect their guidance, and listen to their pitch.

One of the simplest ways to become more charismatic is changing your vocabulary. The following phrases are are powerful in isolation; use them together, and their effects will be even stronger. More >>

The Best Time to Make a Sales Call in 2017

15 Mar

Most salespeople are eager to know the best time to cold call their prospects. It’s an enticing idea: Rather than waiting for a compelling event, researching the buyer, and crafting a personalized message, the rep simply needs to know the best day for cold calling, as well as the best time of day. More >>

4 Sales Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street

22 Feb

There are movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the 2014 Oscar-nominated film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It may be an unlikely candidate for inspiration considering the subject of the film is Jordan Belfort, a slick stockbroker who was ultimately convicted of securities fraud. But if you sift through the criminality and outright absurdity of the film, there are several sales lessons that reps and leaders alike can emulate in their approach. More >>