Life insurance can offer more than a death benefit

30 Aug
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Guest contributor Carma McCallie, JD, is vice president, advanced markets, with Crump Life Insurance Services.

Life insurance can address a multitude of life concerns. The death benefit is especially helpful in providing a replacement for lost income to the insured’s family, covering estate settlement costs, including estate taxes or providing liquidity for business buyouts. But specific policies offer more than just the death benefit. Permanent policies can provide for an accumulation of cash value, and that cash can often be used for the insured’s lifetime needs, including supplemental retirement income. More>>

The ‘Napkin Concept’ Showing LTCi’s Impact on Tax Planning

25 Mar

Guest contributor: Eileen Shovlin, regional director, sales, at Crump Life Insurance Services.

Many financial professionals don’t include long-term care insurance when tax planning with their clients. However, for clients in certain tax brackets, increased income to pay for extended care expenses could negatively impact their tax bill. More>>