Single mothers: A growing, yet often overlooked, market segment

26 Jul
Young, single mother and her son sitting on the wood floor making faces at each other

The annual LIMRA and Life Happens U.S. Insurance Barometer Study has expanded over its 13 years, enabling the analysis of many different demographic groups. Life insurers should acknowledge and react to the changing face of the American family and ongoing demographic shifts to remain attractive and viable to as many potential customers as possible. More>>

Why meeting the financial needs of women matters

31 May
Woman working

Guest contributor, Eileen Shovlin, director, business development at Crump Life Insurance Services.

It has been widely publicized that there has been a considerable shift in wealth in the U.S. to women. Women now control a third of the total U.S. household financial assets. If you’re a financial professional and you’re not thinking daily about how to meet American women’s needs better, you are not only in jeopardy of losing current clients but also of missing out on many new opportunities to grow your clientele. More>>

Finseca: Three Things Moms Should Be Doing for Themselves This Mother’s Day

15 May

Moms have spent a lifetime caring for others, and now it’s time to prioritize their own wellbeing. As Fortune recently noted, half of moms out there reported having no retirement savings at all. Couple this with a Bankrate survey from January that found nearly half of Americans have less than or no savings compared to a year ago (49 percent), and only 43 percent said they can cover an emergency of $1,000 or more using funds from their savings account. So, this Mother’s Day, Finseca is encouraging all moms to do these three things to put themselves and their financial security first. More>>

Why women should start their insurance planning now

8 May
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Having the proper protections in place should be important to everyone, but early planning is particularly important for women. With a broader variety of female-specific needs, finding suitable insurance options to secure the future better can be challenging.

I’ll share some key considerations to help explain why women should start planning for insurance protection now. Let’s get started. More>>

New LIMRA Research Reveals Women Working with a Financial Professional Are More Confident and Prepared for Retirement

5 Apr
Woman working with a financial professional
Over the past decade, women have said their top financial concern is having enough money for a comfortable retirement. New LIMRA research suggests that those working with a financial professional are more likely than unadvised women to feel very prepared for retirement.

According to LIMRA’s new study, Impact of Financial Professionals on Retirement Security, 40% of women who work with a financial professional report that they feel very prepared for retirement, compared with just 27% of women who don’t work with one. More>>

Estate Planning for Women: The Opportunity to Attract and Assist This Underserved Market

15 Mar
Estate Planning for Women Podcast

Guest contributor Eileen Shovlin is a business development director at Crump Life Insurance Services.

It has been widely publicized that there has been a considerable shift in wealth in the U.S. for women. What’s not often discussed is how underserved women are regarding financial planning. That’s why we call on Crump’s Eileen Shovlin for perspective, statistics, and advice on how as an industry, we can better serve women. Podcast>>

It Wasn’t My Life That Flashed Before My Eyes

26 Dec

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect life for myself other than the life I was currently living.

I had traveled the world as a four-time Olympian. With my soulmate and husband by my side, I marveled at the wonders of life as we raised our three young children to be adventurous, courageous, and strong. I had started a successful career helping others protect their futures.

I couldn’t imagine how much my own life would soon change. More>>

What a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Means for Obtaining Life Insurance

27 Oct

Guest contributor Lisa Arcuria, director, high net worth client support, at Crump Life Insurance Services.

In the U.S., we dedicate the month of October to Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast cancer and other forms of cancer affect many people’s lives each year. In 2022, roughly 1.9 million people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer. An estimated 287,850 women and 2,710 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which makes it the most common cancer diagnosis. I want to share my personal story and my firsthand experience from the business side on how to secure life insurance for clients who have defeated cancer or who may be potentially genetically predisposed to developing cancer. More>>