The 33 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

23 Aug

Photo by Caio Resende from Pexels

What if you could navigate Google Chrome at lightning speed? Well, it turns out you can. The key is to not waste time learning all of them because you likely won’t use them all on a daily basis. But it’s worth memorizing shortcuts for the Google Chrome tasks you perform every day. More >>

Today is National Proofreading Day

8 Mar

Do you cringe when you see a document filled with misspelled words? Are you the friend that everyone asks to read over their projects before they send them out? Then this holiday is one for you! Proofreading Day is a day for everyone to slow down and read what they just typed for themselves. It is a day to have a goal of 100% accuracy for everything generated. In honor of this special day, here are 8 proofreading tips and techniques. More >>

31 Pump Up Songs for Motivation at Work

30 Jan

The right music can make all the difference when you’re trying to be productive. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate pump-up playlist to keep you sharp and focused while you’re at work. As an added bonus, you can find the embedded Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post. More >>

4 Tips for Working Comfortably at Your Desk

18 May

It is important to feel comfortable at your office in order to increase your efficiency and protect your health. There are many small steps you can take to create a better work environment for yourself. You can start by implementing the below office ergonomics tips to improve your work day, care for yourself and decrease work related injuries. More >>

10 Examples of Companies with Fantastic Cultures

11 May

Having great company culture is no longer just an option. Today’s workers consider it as much as they consider salary and benefits. In fact, fantastic company culture is almost expected along with other traditional benefits.

While the culture that works for one company might not work for another, you can learn a lot from companies who are doing it right, and get started on company culture hacks of your own. More >>

How to Stay Engaged in Company Culture When You Work Remotely

2 May

Staying engaged with your company culture as a remote employee does have its challenges — but it’s not impossible. By making some changes in your communication and scheduling, you can gain the benefits of being a remote employee while engaging in your company culture. More >>

22 Ways to Make the Right Reputation

25 Apr

When it comes to your reputation, hoping for the best isn’t good enough. It leaves it in the hands of others. Your reputation needs to be shaped and managed so it reflects the way you want to be viewed.

Here are 22 ways to go about deliberately shaping how others see you. More >>

How to Be More Adaptable at Work: 6 Exercises to Try

2 Mar

Adaptability is arguably the most important skill for anyone to possess. If you know how to learn how to learn and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you’ll be the expert generalist on your team who can tackle almost any task and take on the many new challenges coming our way. More >>

7 Easy Ways to Instantly Gain Respect at Work, No Matter Your Position

19 May

It can be challenging to accomplish what you want at work when you do not have the respect of others. Maybe it is because you are young or a junior staff member. Maybe it is because you sit in a department that is underfunded or you are in a role that does not get the credit it deserves.

Don’t let circumstances like these prevent you from acting like a C-suite level leader. While you may not have control over your age, level of experience or how others perceive your role, you have control over your behavior. Your behavior, and its impact on others, is powerful. More >>