Who Buys More Online: Men or Women?

16 Jan

011615menvswomenWomen do more business online than men, new research shows. This surprising finding is unveiled in a report from ContentSquare, a developer of web and mobile optimization solutions. Based on survey of 4,000 French citizens, the study explores behavioral differences — between men and women, left-handers and right-handers, young and old — on ecommerce web sites. More >>

You’re Planning for Retirement. Do You Still Need Life Insurance?

6 Jan

010615beachLet’s be realistic. If you have an adequate investment and pension portfolio, if you have made provisions for your health care costs, if you have no one relying on you for financial support, maybe, just maybe you can afford to retire. Did you know that a healthy 65-year-old man has a life expectancy of 87 and a woman, 89; and that 38% of the men and 50% of the women will live to age 90, according to recent research on longevity risks and retirement? More >>

Local SEO Changes in 2014

2 Jan

010215SEOLocal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) changed a lot in 2014. And, within the past few months, some significant changes have been made. This article discusses Google’s local pages quality guidelines, the local carousel, and the “pigeon.”  More >>