3 Reasons You May Still Need Life Insurance as You Head Toward Retirement

23 Apr

042315needinsuranceLet’s be realistic. If you have an adequate investment and pension portfolio; if you have made provisions for your health care costs; if you have no one relying on you for financial support, maybe, just maybe you can afford to retire. Did you know that a healthy 65-year-old man has a life expectancy of 87 and a woman, 89; and that 38% of the men and 50% of the women will live to age 90, according to recent research on longevity risks and retirement? So, do you still need life insurance as you’re heading toward retirement? Let’s look at three reasons you might. More >>

The Number One Reason People Don’t Buy Life Insurance and Why They Are Wrong

14 Apr

041415family“It’s too expensive!” is the common refrain when Americans are asked why they don’t get the life insurance protection they need. But—and it’s a big but—80% overestimate how much it costs. For the fifth year, Life Happens partnered with LIMRA to produce the Insurance Barometer Study, which looks at consumer trends and consumers’ perceptions regarding life insurance, retirement and their financial well-being. More >>

Don’t Forgo Higher Compensation for Another Term Carrier Re-Price

7 Apr

040715protectiveAnother term carrier cut their prices—again. But before you turn your attention and loyalties to another carrier, consider this fact: agents who sell Protective Custom Choice UL have an opportunity to earn higher compensation. Many traditional term policies include a policy fee that is deducted from premium amounts prior to calculating agent compensation. But with Protective Custom Choice UL, agents have the opportunity for higher compensation because any associated fees are not excluded from the compensation calculation. More >>