Forget Zombies, the World Has Already Been Taken Over by Digital

26 Jun

062615zombiesDoes your email inbox dings at you every 5 minutes? Do you Google several times a day? Are you lucky your phone plan has unlimited texting otherwise you’d be paying an arm and a leg for all the messages between you and your circle? You get the point. We are inundated with technology. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the Internet has made it easier to find information and stay in touch. It has done wonderful things for marketing — we can now instantly share interesting videos, relevant images and write informative blogs. We could bombard our audiences with email marketing messages multiple times a day, every day, at virtually no additional cost. There are no limits to the potential audience one can reach through digital. More >>

Do You Really Need 10x Your Salary in Life Insurance?

23 Jun

062315tentimessalaryIf you’ve spent time looking at information about choosing the right amount of life insurance, you’ll have found some fairly standard answers, but also a lot of ambiguity. That’s because the amount of life insurance a person needs varies on a case-by-case basis. Still, just like with other kinds of financial management, industry experts have weighed in on what they feel is best for the average consumer. More >>

10 Everyday Things That Cost More Than Term Life Insurance

18 Jun

061815costofterminsuranceAdults and parents worry. We worry about our family’s health, safety, financial security and future. But more families need to put their money where their heart is by buying term life insurance. However, the issue isn’t a matter of hypocrisy, but a lack of research and financial literacy. According to a Life Happens and LIMRA study from this year, 65% of households have not purchased life insurance because they think it’s too costly. More >>

June 9th Webinar: The Financially Fit Couple – Engaging Both Partners to Ensure Greater Success

1 Jun

Most advisors work with couples, but very few have training on how to effectively advise couples. Author and wealth psychology expert, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, will discuss how becoming “couple-friendly” can help you build better relationships with your couple clients. More >>