Are Your Financial Priorities Out of Sync?

17 Jul

071715financialprioritiesNone of us likes to think about death. But it happens, even to young people. What happens to your loved ones after your death (whenever that may be) depends on what you do today with your money: spend a few hundred dollars on an upgrade to a perfectly fine smartphone, or put a portion of that into life insurance to protect your family. If you were to die, would your family remember that phone? Or that they didn’t have to move from your home, your neighborhood or school? You have a choice. How do you want to be remembered? More >>

5 Questions Expecting Moms Have About Life Insurance

7 Jul

070715pregnantIt may be a smart move to consider life insurance if you are expecting a child. If this is your first time looking for coverage, you may have some questions – term or permanent insurance? Are there restrictions for pregnant women? How much can I expect to pay for life insurance? More >>

5 Common Health Conditions That Can Affect Your Life Insurance Application

1 Jul

070115HighBloodPressureOne of the many reasons Americans do not have life insurance is they believe that they won’t qualify, or that if they do qualify, the price will be too expensive. This is not always the case. Many people are able to find affordable coverage despite having common health conditions. Life insurance companies will determine rates based on the severity of the health condition and whether or not it is currently being treated. With the help of a doctor, a condition can be managed so that it has minimal impact on life insurance rates. More >>