7 Myths About Life Insurance

31 Aug

mythLife insurance is kind of like the Rodney Dangerfield of financial planning. As one of most people’s least favorite financial topics, it gets no respect. When people think of a life insurance agent, they think of someone like this guy. Yet, it’s something that almost everyone needs and not having it when you need it can be devastating to your family’s well-being. Here are some of the most common and dangerous myths about this often misunderstood product. More >>

Shifting the Life Insurance Landscape in a Digital World

26 Aug

Ninety-five million. That’s the number of American adults without life insurance, according to LIMRA. Despite it being a pivotal part of financial protection, many consumers are still not putting a priority on buying life insurance because they feel daunted by the task. And, considering the current system, we can’t blame them. A medically underwritten policy can’t be purchased online and the lengthy four to six weeks it can take to receive final policy approval and coverage can make buying life insurance seem like a chore. More >>

How Should I Organize and Store My Life Insurance Records?

24 Aug

insureorganizeThe last thing you want to happen after you die is for your beneficiaries to be unable to locate and submit a claim on your life insurance. To prevent this, you should have copies of your life insurance records in at least two places. This is to make it less likely that you’ll lose them (to fire, flood, accidental discarding, etc.) and more likely that, after your death, your beneficiaries will find them. More >>

The Facts and Myths of Life Insurance

21 Aug

mythsvsfactOver the past couple of decades, something alarming has been happening: The percentage of people signing up for life insurance is on the decline. Only 40% of adult Americans have life insurance. Of widows and widowers whose spouses died prematurely (between the ages of 30 and 55), only a quarter felt their spouses had adequate life insurance. Why are Americans failing to pick up coverage? It may be because they misunderstand the cost and benefits of it. More >>

4 Keys to Redefining Your Digital Business Approach

19 Aug

digitalbusinessTechnology plays a fundamental role in how businesses improve to gain a competitive advantage. Corporations, particularly insurance carriers, face more technological innovation and choice than at any time in history, leading to rapid digitalization of traditional, legacy business and giving rise to new “digital business” models that are reshaping the competitive landscape. How well insurers manage and sequence their individual migrations and overall enterprise transformation to digital business will determine their success or failure in the new digital world. More >>

15 of the Worst Office Pet Peeves

14 Aug

petpeevesHow many hours of each day, week, month and year do you spend at work? The workplace is your home away from home, which means that maintaining a happy work family is important for everyone’s sake. Strive to make coming to work a fun experience, while also having a chocolate stash nearby in case someone gets cranky come the afternoon energy crash. We have compiled a list of the worst office offenders, both from online sources and our own editorial staff, and would like to offer some tips on how to solve these tricky situations. More >>

Would Consumers Give Up Their Smartphones For Their Advisor?

12 Aug

smartphoneA new LIMRA consumer survey found that nearly two thirds of consumers who work with a paid professional advisor to make at least some of their financial decisions would give up their smartphone to keep their relationship with that advisor. In fact, the study found that other than their medical physician, a majority of consumers would give up many other relationships and luxuries (including coffee!) to keep their financial advisor. More >>

What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

7 Aug

procrastinateIn truth, procrastination seems to be a core part of human nature. Philosophers, authors and other notable figures throughout history have directly addressed it. Benjamin Franklin is rumored to have said: “You may delay, but time will not.”Admittedly, there’s a lot to do at work and around the house. It takes time to read all those business books. There are CE credits to secure and marketing plans to produce and social media initiatives to undertake. But no matter how efficient we are, we never seem to get it all done. Why is that? More >>