4 Sales Pitches Every Insurance Agent Should Know

7 Oct

Baseball Pitcher Throwing ball, selective focusMost professional baseball pitchers who have achieved Hall of Fame status attribute their success to having a variety of pitches. Not only did these professionals control the speed and pitch location, but they also threw many distinctive pitches such as a two-seam fastball, a four seamer, a curve, a splitter, a change, a split finger, a slider, and a cutter.
Many times while viewing a game the commentators say the pitcher’s best pitch is not moving, causing him to rely on another pitch. Soon the opposing team identifies this weakness and capitalizes on his one pitch arsenal. His fate for that outing is usually failure. The same is true with an insurance producer.
So what are the pitches an insurance ace should throw? More >>

The Facts of Life Insurance

5 Oct

Let’s face the facts: life insurance does not get a lot of attention in our daily lives. It requires us to address a subject that many prefer to avoid — our own mortality. Yet, for most people life insurance is important for building a sound financial plan, and it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. More >>

Different Business Etiquette Around the World

2 Oct

etiquettebusinessBusiness etiquette varies quite differently around the world. It’s important to understand all the different business etiquette these days when successful businesses have to often deal with people from different cultures. Understanding business and gearing it to fit the audience works differently between selling to higher education and introducing a new gadget. Etiquette is pivotal in shaping relationships with partners. More >>