5 TED Talks to Help You Shake Off Rejection

30 Dec

123015tedtalkGive it enough power and rejection can shape who we are, where we are going and what our decisions are. It’s scary stuff. So how do you shake off a success-swindler like rejection?
Try a TED talk. The inspirational seminars explore many topics, and in 20 minutes or less, you can watch or listen to one on their website or YouTube for free. The idea behind these talks is that in 20 minutes, you can change your attitude, life and “ultimately, the world.” More >>

5 Things You Didn’t Know Life Insurance Could Do

28 Dec

When you think of life insurance, what usually comes to mind is the death benefit—the amount of money that is paid out to your beneficiaries when you die. And that certainly is the main reason most people get life insurance. Here are five things you probably didn’t know you could do with permanent life insurance. More >>

Relief for the Sandwich Generation

21 Dec

122115sandwichgenerationMany middle-aged adults are finding themselves caught between supporting their dependent children while looking after their aging parents.

This predicament places those in their 40s and 50s in a particularly difficult position from both a financial and emotional standpoint. So how can those in the Sandwich Generation survive without getting eaten alive? By planning. More >>

#TBT Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

17 Dec

Today’s blog post falls on a Thursday to throwback to some of our most popular stories in the past year! Check out these fun articles and be on the lookout for more interesting and entertaining content.


10 Crazy Insurance Policies You Didn’t Know Existed

Fantasy football insurance, anyone?


The 9 Craziest Excuses for Being Late to Work

“Sorry boss, I had to deliver a baby on the side of the highway this morning.”

What were some of your favorite articles? Leave a comment!

Straight Talk About Selling Insurance

16 Dec

121615straighttalkMark Twain once said, “The difference between similar words and the right words is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” In sales, your choice of words can make the difference between getting the sale — or at least, getting closer to the sale — and having no opportunity at all. More >>

8 Ways to Game a Life Insurance Exam and Get a Better Rate

14 Dec

121415insuranceexamInsurers can require applicants to take a health exam that includes blood work and a urine sample, giving an accurate picture of a potential customer’s cholesterol level and if they have nicotine in their body.
For healthy life insurance policyholders, the differences in annual premiums can be hundreds, and possibly thousands, of dollars when compared to what people who smoke, drink to excess, are obese or otherwise unhealthy pay for the same coverage. More >>

Save the Office Snacks!

11 Dec

121815snacksA few weeks back, our office had a breakfast meeting where burritos, fruit and yogurt were offered. The meeting was very popular, but even more popular were the leftovers that provided snacks for the next 24 hours.

“Did you get an apple? There’s still some in the kitchen!” a coworker excitedly said to me later in the day.

“Free fruit!” one email screamed.

Suffice to say, it was a big day at the office. More >>

3 Teamwork Lessons for Advisors from a Navy SEAL Boot Camp

9 Dec

NavysealsNavy SEALS are the ultimate team.

Through precision teamwork, they accomplish almost impossible feats. While each SEAL is a formidable fighting machine, it’s the team that does amazing things.

No one succeeds without good teammates. This is something we’re taught during team-building activities and something I was reminded of recently. More >>

Being a Bad Driver Increases Life Insurance

7 Dec

120715baddriversIf you collect speeding tickets like a magnet collects metal and are on a first-name basis with the staff at your local body shop, it should be no surprise that you pay a lot more for auto insurance. However, that established history of reckless behavior and poor judgment can also affect other things — like the rate you pay for life insurance. More >>