8 Financial Must-Dos for Newlyweds

29 Feb

022916newlywedsMy wife and I went tandem bungee jumping together on our honeymoon. There’s something about an adrenaline rush like that that gets you thinking about the bigger picture. And as a newlywed financial planner, it prompted me to think about the planning we had in place and have a conversation about what our future goals looked like. More >>

10 of the Weirdest Tax Laws From Around the World

26 Feb

022616taxlawsImagine that you have a client that works as a professional clown. In this imaginary scenario, your client would want to know that his clown uniform, from the oversized shoes to the red nose, is deductible from his tax return. It turns out that these items are not usable anywhere else and, therefore, are officially labeled tax deductible. More >>

What InsureNOW Can Do For You

24 Feb

022416INwebinarInsureNOW is Crump’s online transaction center designed to accelerate your insurance business processing by days and weeks…giving you more time to sell. Join us for a live demo and learn how the components of InsureNOW (AppNOW Full-Service, AppNOW Self-Service, AppNOW Upload, ContractNOW, and the InsureNOW Direct Blog) can help move your cases from quote to submission – faster and easier. Register here.

10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Life Insurance

22 Feb

200412138-001Life insurance is one of the pillars of personal finance, deserving of consideration by every household. I’d even go so far as to say it’s vital for most. Yet, despite its nearly universal applicability, there remains a great deal of confusion, and even skepticism, regarding life insurance. More >>

10 Social Media Tips for Marketing and Sales

17 Feb

021516socialmediaIt’s not hard to do social media–but it’s harder to do it well.
Brokers, agents, and sales executives need to learn as much as possible about how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms to reach out to clients and prospects. More >>

Got Life Insurance Through Work? Here Are 2 Reasons Why That’s Not Enough

15 Feb

021516LIworkIf you’re gainfully employed and enjoy a benefits package from your employer you may be thinking you’re set for life, with enough life insurance. Before you congratulate yourself, think again.

Relying too heavily on your life insurance through work could put your family at risk, for 2 key reasons. More >>

The Cost of Valentine’s Day 2016

12 Feb

021216costofvdayWhile roses are a nice gift, they only last for a few weeks. Protecting loved ones from financial hardship with life [love] insurance lasts long after you’re gone. Before splurging on a fancy dinner or diamond ring, give your sweetheart financial peace of mind. More >>

4 Financial Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

8 Feb

020816financialtipsIt’s tough to get our financial house in order, not because it’s especially hard, but because it’s … boring? Tedious? The last thing we want to spend time on? To remedy that, here are four tips that you can take on and accomplish. More >>