6 Important Tips for Insurance Agency Content Marketing

30 Mar

033016contentmarketingInsurance content marketing is a somewhat all inclusive term, as it impacts so many aspects of an insurance marketing plan. From social media marketing to insurance websites to blogging, insurance email marketing and article publishing, insurance agents and brokers want to utilize high impact and highly relevant content. More >>

3 Tips for Getting “High Risk” Life Insurance

28 Mar

032816highriskIf life insurance wasn’t a priority before, it will become one if your health declines. The combination of realizing the most important people in your life are financially dependent on you and you are no longer invincible is a wake-up call for many. More >>

The Inspiring Stories of 10 Famous Co-Founders

25 Mar

032516cofounders“Choose co-founders the way you would choose a spouse,” advises entrepreneur and author Danielle Newnham. “The reality is that you will, at least in the early days, spend far more time with your co-founders than your partner.” More >>

What Are You Waiting For? Take Action, Now!

23 Mar

032316takeactionWhen I consult with insurance agencies, I push them to do things that they haven’t done before. We discuss new ideas and challenge the traditional ways of doing business, where initial excitement is quickly followed by the “deer in the headlights” expression on their faces. It’s the expression of fear.

Why is there fear? Because, although they may agree that changes need to be made and believe in the vision, they don’t know exactly how to do it. More >>

Know Your Gadgets: 10 Surprising Smartphone Fun Facts

18 Mar

031816smartphonefactsHow much do you really know your smartphone? The fact is that you use it on a daily basis and that, ninety percent of the time, your smart little gadget is at your fingertips, so you should at least be a bit curious about its history. Check out the following ten fun smartphone facts – I’m sure that you’ll find them rather surprising. More >>

Don’t Be Too Cheap to Buy Life Insurance, Your Family Could Be Sorry

14 Mar

A card reading Life insuranceMy wife and I have a pretty good-sized mortgage and a fair amount of student loan debt. She thinks I should have life insurance, but I don’t. We’re trying to pay off our student loans, and the $65 per month in premium I’ve been quoted seems like too much. She doesn’t take into account that her parents are pretty well-off and would probably take care of her and the kids if I died. Who is right? More >>

3 Career Lessons from David Bowie

11 Mar

031116BowieBowie was a rare larger-than-life figure who was too big even for the title of rock star. He was a cultural force, an artist who never stopped growing and innovating, and an example of how much one person can do to change the way the world connects with art and each other. While you weren’t looking, he also sneakily taught you a thing or two about how to build your best career. More >>