LinkedIn San Francisco Office Tour

29 Apr

042916linkedinbuildingFor the last couple of years, a skyscraper has been slowly rising at the corner of Second and Howard Street in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood. The entire building is being leased by LinkedIn, and everybody was calling it “The LinkedIn building.”

We’ve seen a lot of over-the-top tech company offices, both in San Francisco and in Silicon Valley to the south. But LinkedIn’s new building has a ton of stuff we’ve never seen before. More >>

3 Ways to Optimize Your Financial Website Content

27 Apr

042716financialwebsiteAfter you have gotten through the content creation step of your inbound marketing strategy, you’ve got to optimize your financial website content. Without optimizing it for clicks and search engines, the exchange of a lead’s information for content can’t occur, and conversion opportunities disappear. More >>

5 Game-Changing Mistakes People Make Just Before They Retire

25 Apr

042516retirementfundSo you’ve got retirement in your crosshairs and even bought a five-year calendar so you can countdown the days left in your work life. You think the end can’t come soon enough; what could possibly go wrong, you wonder. Plenty. Here are five mistakes people make just before they retire. More >>

8 of the Weirdest Shark Tank Products That Got Investments

22 Apr

Whenever you watch an episode of Shark Tank, there always seems to be at least one product an entrepreneur pitches that makes you go: “Whaaa?”

Every once in a while, one of these seemingly strange Shark Tank products will land an investment. Don’t believe it? Check out eight of the weirdest products that actually got investments below. More >>

How to Use Facebook for Business: 13 Essential Tips

20 Apr

042016FBforbusinessFacebook is constantly making changes to the design of the profiles — for businesses and individuals alike. They’ve made a few cool changes in the past few years, including adding call-to-action buttons to business pages and letting you record company milestones, like product launches and events.

There are a lot of ways Facebook is helping brands build a follower base, increase visibility, improve branding, communicate with and engage fans, and even drive traffic and leads. More >>

Co-Signing Student Loans? Consider Life Insurance

18 Apr

041816loansWhat happens if you co-sign your child’s student loan and they are unable to pay? Private student loans do not have the same garnishment powers that federal student loans have, but the lender can still pursue you and even take you to court to try to collect the amount due because you co-signed the loan. More >>

How to Make Sure Your Emails Don’t Land in Your Prospects’ Spam Folders

13 Apr

041316emailspamWhat is the CAN-SPAM Act, and why do you care about it if you’re an insurance agency owner or marketer? The CAN-SPAM Act applies to all commercial messages (emails), defined as “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service.” All emails messages must comply with this law. More >>

5 Places to Give Your Finances a Spring Cleaning

11 Apr

041116springcleaningThe snow is melting. Flowers are blooming. Spring is here—and for many that means ridding their homes of the cobwebs and clutter that accumulated over the winter.

Spring’s also a good time to give your finances a good scrubbing. A lot may have changed in your life over the past year, and some seasonal touch-up work is a good way to stay on top of your finances and maybe save a little cash in the process. Time to get to work. More >>

What Americans Really Think About Tax Planning

8 Apr

040816taxplanningWhen it comes to tax procrastination, the excuses flow as fast as the Mississippi: “My car hasn’t been cleaned in ages” or “I forgot to take the dog out” or that old standby “I need to wash my hair.” OK, maybe WalletHub’s survey respondents didn’t say these things in so many words, but they did have some pretty funny responses when asked what they would do for a tax-free future. More >>