6 Interesting Digital Marketing Lessons from Star Wars

27 May

052716starwarsMarketing inspiration can be gleaned from many sources, and in this case, we look to the famed characters of Star Wars to help us on our way. Let’s review a few pithy quotes from likes of Han Solo, Princess Leia and the great and wise Yoda, and see how they might apply to digital marketing. More >>

8 Facts to Know About Disability Insurance

25 May

052516disabilityfactsTwo key reasons that Life Happens launched Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) in 2007 were to raise awareness and help agents get over their fear of the unknown.

This infographic is a great tool to have when presenting to your clients and prospects. It should help them learn more about disability insurance and how it can protect them and their loved ones in the event of illness, accident or injury. More >>

On the Road to Recovery Thanks to Life Insurance

16 May

051616sizemoredisabilityYou never know when life may swing in the other direction. Michael Sizemore, future marathon runner and master’s degree earner, felt prepared to start his life’s mission of helping others. One night, however, he was hit by a drunk driver, shattering his dreams. Thanks to disability insurance, he was able to keep paying his necessities without going back to work. Read his story: More >>

4 Ways To Turn Your Seminar Into a Rock Star Event

11 May

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.Instead of looking at your seminars through the eyes of a presenter, view your seminars from the perspective of the potential attendee. Ask yourself: If I were to attend this seminar, what would I enjoy? What would get me interested, engaged and excited? More >>

7 Examples of Interactive Billboards That Are Just Plain Brilliant

6 May

050616billboardsNew technologies and an inventive way of approaching how to use outdoor advertising have resulted in examples that defy the billboard’s reputation as simply an eye-sore. Now, that’s not to say there isn’t a lot of clutter in our “air space,” but it’s worth reviewing how brands are using the billboard format to create interactive, useful, and more importantly, interesting advertising. More >>