Millennials: The Debt-Averse, Insurance-Buying Generation

29 Jun

062916millennialsBy 2017, millennials will have the most buying power of any generation. Still, with all that power, there are some things they won’t spring for— things such as pay television, cars and mass-market beer. One thing millennials will buy, however, is insurance products. More >>

What Do You Really Know About Term Life Insurance Costs?

27 Jun

062716costsLife can be expensive, and many of us are forced to decide between wants and needs — or, when money is tight, between needs and needs. Term life insurance is one of those expenses that many view as optional, even though a new study shows that Americans greatly overestimate the cost of this coverage. More >>

A Visual History of Internet Firsts

24 Jun

062416internetbeginningsBack in 1995, less than 1% of the world’s population used the internet. During that same year, Newsweek published a now-infamous article (originally titled, “The Internet? Bah!”), which surmised that the internet would amount to little more than a fad. More >>

20 Inspiring Quotes About Leadership Every Manager Should Read

22 Jun

062216leadershipBeing a great leader isn’t something that you can learn from a textbook, or a course, or a training seminar. All of these things can help you develop your leadership skills, but at the end of the day, leadership is a choice. How do you want to show up? More >>

4 Ways to Get Financially Fit in Your 40s

20 Jun

06201640yearoldsPeople in their 40s are facing an uncomfortable fact: They simply aren’t where they’d hoped to be financially. Fortunately, all their life experience can help correct for past mistakes.

“There’s a different trigger moment for everybody,” says Jay Howard, financial advisor and partner at MHD Financial in San Antonio, Texas. “But regardless of when it comes, people find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun as they consider retirement.”

One challenge is that it’s impossible to advise 40-somethings based on tidy “life stage” demographics. Some are just starting families, while others are sending offspring to college. They’re married, single, divorced, and just about everything in between.

But for those still grappling with financial instability, these four principles can help in moving forward with confidence. More >>

Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

17 Jun

061716brainIt is true that many people’s personalities take on more dominant strengths in one area or the other — even if they’re capable of both. And understanding the dominant areas of your personality can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses — allowing you to be more successful at owning certain tasks and trying to improve on others. More >>

Lead Generation Traffic Sources That Produce Results

15 Jun

061516leadgenerationDepending on who your ideal prospects are, where to invest your marketing budget will vary. To get the marketing results you’re looking for, you should ask yourself several questions to get the right answer for your unique business. Let’s start by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of various traffic sources. More >>

7 Tech Predictions That Totally Missed the Mark

10 Jun

061016dartboardHow far will technology advance in the next 20 years? That’s kind of a difficult question to wrap your head around, isn’t it? Of course, that hasn’t prevented people from offering up their own (sometimes bombastic) claims for what the future will hold. From forecasting the demise of certain companies and technologies, to predicting the mass adoption of particular products, tech fortune-tellers have long been waxing philosophical about what’s to come.

But in many cases, these predictions have proven to be categorically, unequivocally, wrong.

Here are some of our favorite examples of tech predictions that completely missed the mark. More >>

How to Use Facebook for Business: 25 Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks

8 Jun

060816FBmarketingIf you want your business’ content to reach consumers, having a presence on Facebook is a given. But to make the most of your Facebook Page — to attract and engage visitors, drive them to your website, and convert them into leads (and, eventually, customers) — you need to optimize your Facebook presence. More >>