Blog SEO: How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

27 Jul

072716SEOSearch engine optimization is incredibly important for marketers. When you optimize your web pages — including your blog posts — you’re making your website more visible to people who are looking for keywords associated with your brand, product, or service via search engines like Google.

But it can be a pretty tricky tactic to master with Google’s copious algorithm updates. How on earth can you keep it all straight? More >>

Let’s Get the Facts Straight on Disabilities and the Need for Disability Insurance

25 Jul

072516disabilityIf you’re like the typical American worker, you believe your risk of experiencing an income loss as a result of illness or injury is far lower than it actually is. As a result of this misconception, you may not have taken steps to protect your income with disability insurance. Here’s why that’s a mistake. More >>

9 Interesting TED Talks on Breaking Bad Habits & Forming Better Ones

22 Jul

072216habitsSome habits, like brushing your teeth, you’ve done so many times that they feel automatic. In fact, it’s probably true that every time you brush your teeth, you do so in pretty much the exact same way every time.

Other habits, like exercising for even twenty minutes a day, can feel nearly impossible to pick up.

But why? Why are some habits so easy to fall into, while others are so darn hard? And why are those “bad habits” so difficult to break? More >>

4 Misconceptions About Marijuana and Life Insurance

20 Jul

072016marijuanaWith just about half of America’s states legalizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, insurance carriers have changed their underwriting approach for these types of cases.

With the changing times comes a big gray area and a lot of misconceptions. Here are four of them. More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Drinking Coffee

15 Jul

071516coffeeIt doesn’t seem like you should need a guide to drinking coffee — after all, it’s pretty easy. Brew. Drink. Repeat. Not exactly rocket science.

But what about the benefits of drinking coffee (and the drawbacks)? To ensure you get the maximum bang from your brew — and don’t overdo it — you need to get a little scientific. More >>

18 Ways to Lose a Sale

13 Jul

200477730-001The woman calling launches into her sales spiel: “Our product is a perfect fit for your needs. When can we set up a time to get together so I can show you what we can do?”

It’s the perfect pitch for failure, setting off bells and red lights in the prospect’s head. There’s no need to do anything but end the call as quickly as possible. More >>

6 Money Mistakes 20-Somethings Make – and What to Do About Them

11 Jul

07111620somethingsLife as a young adult may be wrinkle-free, but it isn’t always pretty.

The thing to remember is that time is on your side. This means you’re young enough to recover from even the most spectacular financial failures. On the flip side, making good, informed choices now can have a huge impact on your lifestyle in the decades ahead. More >>