Planning for the Modern Family: 3 Life Insurance Scenarios

6 Jul

070616modernfamilyTwo fictional television shows, Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Modern Family, illustrate how times — and needs —have changed, highlighting new family dynamics that could complicate the financial planning process. Understanding common family situations and raising the right questions with clients and prospects is critical to helping today’s families know how to use life insurance to manage complex issues and protect themselves. More >>

When to Update Your Life Insurance Beneficiaries

4 Jul

070416beneficiariesJust like with any other type of life stage planning, life insurance policies need to be reviewed regularly in order to make sure that the beneficiary you chose at a particular point in time is still the right choice today. Otherwise, it could cause some major issues when the time comes to pass on these assets. More >>

8 Best US Cities for Celebrating 4th of July

1 Jul

070116july4thIn the United States, people love to celebrate holidays. One of the largest and most exciting bashes is Fourth of July. Not only do people enjoy the hot weather and barbecues, they also enjoy the patriotism. Of course, some cities are more enjoyable for one to celebrate the big holiday. Here are the eight best cities for celebrating the Fourth of July. More >>