Asian-Americans: An Essential Life Insurance Marketing Demographic

31 Aug

083116asianamericansIf you’re aiming to expand your presence in certain markets, you could do worse than to direct the lion’s share of your attention to an often overlooked group: Asian-Americans.

Just name one benchmark: Household income? Financial assets? Home ownership? Children sent off to college? Asian-Americans surpass (sometimes by a wide margin) statistics for the general U.S. population. More >>

The 42 Best Pieces of Sales Advice from 500-Plus Selling Experts

24 Aug

082416salesadviceEvery salesperson has received at least one piece of advice that’s stuck with them: That nugget of wisdom that’s consistently helped them be more productive, help more prospects, or win more deals.

If you’re curious to learn other reps’ all-time favorite sales advice, good news — more than 500 members of the Practical Sales Tips LinkedIn group recently shared theirs. We’ve handpicked 42 of the best soundbites. More >>

4 Skills You Need for a Successful Retirement

22 Aug

082216retirementYou’d think that, by the time you retire, you no longer have to do all the things you did when you were working – be responsible, pay attention to detail and respond to other people’s demands. While it’s true you may no longer employ your technical skills in retirement – whether they’re in construction, health care or administration – you do need other skills that are critical in charting your way through a successful retirement. Here are four important ones. More >>

Top Trends for 2016 Back-to-School and College Shopping

19 Aug

081916schoolsuppliesNothing really compares to the winter holiday season when it comes to retail sales, but back-to-school and back-to-college shopping is a significant spending event, with total spending expected to reach $75.8 billion this year.

Each year, the National Retail Federation works with Prosper Insights & Analytics to find out when, where and how American families will shop for school and college supplies. Here are just a few insights from this year’s consumer survey. More >>

Luck Is Where Opportunity Meets Preparation

17 Aug

081716luckIn our industry, we might not be staring down an opponent in a wrestling singlet, but every sale becomes progressively more challenging as our goals get bigger and bigger. It’s one thing to sell to an individual consumer, but convincing a company with a few hundred employees to switch plans is another challenge entirely. More >>

Are You an “Ant” or a “Grasshopper”?

15 Aug

081516antgrasshopperHard as it is to believe, there are only a few more months until the December holidays. And then we are back to January—and those pesky New Year’s resolutions. You know: lose weight, exercise more, get a handle on our finances.

And we mean to follow through. We really do. But something happens—or more precisely, life happens—and we just don’t have the time or energy or the incentive to do the things we said we wanted to do. More >>

9 Habits of Olympic Athletes

12 Aug

081216olympicsBecoming an Olympian is no accident. It takes a lifetime of dedication to reach this milestone, and scant do. Talent, intensive training and positive attitudes are givens, but what else do these athletes share? No matter the sport, Olympic athletes value and nurture several common habits, and in my experience, these nine in particular. More >>