How to Improve Your Clients’ Life Underwriting Odds

28 Sep

Heart HealthWell, this is awkward: Your client agreed that he needed additional life insurance. You submitted the application, and then your client learned that he won’t qualify for preferred rates, which was the amount that fit his budget. Instead he’s been rated as a higher risk, and the annual premiums are much higher than you two had discussed. The client understands that it’s not your fault. But you’re still concerned the incident has strained the relationship. More >>

14 Tourist Attractions That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

23 Sep

092316attractionsFor some, sitting poolside with a cocktail is the ideal vacation.

But for those who need a little more action and adventure, we’ve got you covered.

Around the world, from Chicago to Arizona to New Zealand to Norway, there are destinations that put any adrenaline junkie’s commitment to the test.

Here are some of the most terrifying tourist attractions around the world. More >>

Racing to Insure: 8 Questions for LIAM’s Danica Patrick

21 Sep

092116danicaOne person with her own compelling story is Danica Patrick, a professional racecar driver that the non-profit organization Life Happens — coordinator of the annual life insurance awareness campaign — appointed as LIAM’s 2016 spokesperson last June. Patrick’s off-the-racetrack mission is to encourage the nearly 100 million Americans who don’t have adequate life insurance to get the coverage they need. More >>

What is Your Human Life Value – and Why Does it Matter?

19 Sep

091916humanlifevalueYou wouldn’t think of insuring half of your car, home or other important personal property, would you? Yet when people are looking to purchase life insurance, a common perception is that only some modest multiple of your income in terms of coverage is actually “needed.” However, this often falls short of what your actual earning potential would be over your lifetime – your so-called “human life value.” More >>

The Best Time of Day to Do Everything

16 Sep

091616scheduleThink about all the things you do in a given day, from eating meals and cleaning your apartment to brainstorming ideas and holding meetings. Believe it or not, there’s an optimum time of day to complete every single one of these activities. More >>

Woops: Don’t Let Your Life Insurance Policy Lapse

12 Sep

091216policylapseEveryone knows that sinking feeling when you realize that you forgot to take care of an important item. It could be something as minor as forgetting to set the DVR for your favorite reality TV show. Or it could be something major such as leaving the house with a pot of boiling water on the stove. Like a swift punch to the gut, the sense of panic hits you like no other. I felt this same panic-stricken feeling when I realized I had let my life insurance policy lapse. More >>

7 Lessons on Success from Hollywood A-Lister Will Smith

9 Sep

090916willsmithWill Smith rocked the house at LPL Financial’s recent national conference.

The rap artist, TV star and blockbuster actor shared the inspirational story of his upbringing and his recipe for success, as well as personal satisfaction, with a crowd of 3,500 advisors and their staffers (and more than 2,500 other guests) at the firm’s annual conference. More >>