InsureNOW Direct Blog Turns 2

28 Oct

102816birthdayblogHappy Birthday to the InsureNOW Direct blog! This past year, we have gained a lot more traffic due to our new InsureNOW Direct agents and associates promoting our content. Thank you to all who make this blog a success! Have a post suggestion? Leave a comment below!

Looking for a break from your day? As a birthday treat, try out some of these brain teasers. More >>

How to Target Millennials with Life Insurance Marketing

26 Oct

102616millennialsmarketingBy now, many agents and advisors have begun to see the value of multigenerational planning. When done well, working with younger generations of clients can be win-win for everyone involved. It offers advisors an opportunity to grow their businesses in a way that is poised to last for decades to come. By welcoming new, younger clients, advisors create sustainable growth and the chance to develop client relationships from the ground up. More >>

I’m Young and Healthy. Do I Need Life Insurance?

24 Oct

101416youngpeopleIf you’re young and healthy, the last thing you’re likely to think about is your own mortality. But there are plenty of good reasons to consider protecting your loved ones in case of calamity, says Lorne Marr, director of new business development at LSM Insurance. “Life insurance is the most unselfish purchase you can make because it’s not for you. That’s the challenge that a lot of people have to get through,” he says. “It’s not a car or a house; it’s not a piece of jewelry. But people have to realize there is good value in it.” More >>

The 25 Best Restaurants in America, According to Travelers

21 Oct

102116restaurantsTravel planning and booking site TripAdvisor just released the results of its annual Travelers’ Choice awards in the fine dining category, which names the best restaurants in the US as reviewed by millions of travelers on its site.

Of the 25 restaurants, four are in New York City, four are in Charleston, and two are in New Orleans.

From a high-end sushi place in Austin to upscale palaces of gastronomy in New York City, these 25 restaurants can pretty much guarantee a meal you’ll never forget. More >>

Engaged? 7 Financial To-Dos to Check Off Your List

17 Oct

101716engagedYou’ve picked out the rings, maybe even the venue … things are rolling toward your Big Day. But don’t forget an important element of your new life together: getting your financial lives in sync. Talking about finances with your fiancé or partner may not seem like the most romantic topic, but what better way is there to show your loved one how committed you are to a lifetime of happiness together? Here’s how to get started. More >>

10 Reasons to Have a Business Card

12 Oct

101216businesscardI can’t tell you how many events I’ve attended where financial advisors don’t come prepared with their business card. Don’t they know that business cards breed business? I had this debate with a room full of financial advisors last week. Maybe it’s a thing. More >>