125 Conversation Starters for Virtually Any Situation

31 Mar

A good conversation starter can transform an awkward, stilted conversation into an interesting, enjoyable discussion. That’s important in sales, as having several conversation starters up your sleeve will help you form connections with prospects, referrals, and potential partners.

In other words, the ability to start a conversation translates to real business. More >>

30 Email Etiquette Tips

29 Mar

One of the simplest yet most important characteristics of a great email? It follows basic rules of email etiquette.

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to email etiquette. Familiarize yourself with the following 30 rules to ensure your emails are helping — not hurting — you at work. More >>

Having the ‘Real World’ Money Talk With Your Children

27 Mar

With the start of a new year, new semester or any new phase in life, discussing how to lay the groundwork for a stable financial foundation is a vital conversation to have with your children. The topics below are often forgotten, but critical to cover with your kids when discussing life in the “real” world. More >>

Improve Your Health at Work

24 Mar

A computer, a chair, and your body sitting for eight hours. Eye strain. Neck tension. Wrist strain. By now you have heard that sitting is the new smoking. And new research has revealed for every eight-hour work day of sitting one must exercise for one hour to repair the harm. But what can you do to improve your health at work? Here are seven easy-to-implement recommendations. More >>

The 4 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Advisors Make

22 Mar

It seems like every week a new social media platform is born. Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest…the list goes on. Every platform has its own norms, rules of conduct and audience. This is just one of the reasons why so many advisers are hesitant to join social media. And when they do, they don’t see the results they were expecting. To help you on your journey to social media mastery, avoid these four major social mistakes. More >>

Juvenile Life Insurance: The Whys and Hows

20 Mar

As a parent, perhaps you’ve been able to check the critical financial boxes for your family. You’ve established emergency funds, secured life and disability insurance, and are on track with your retirement goals. You may wonder, is there anything else I could be doing to help my children? More >>

The Sky’s the Limit: 7 Weird Inventions That Were Big Marketing Hits

17 Mar

It’s happened to all of us. We see an advertisement or some other reference to a seemingly useless product. And yet, it “sells like hotcakes,” as the saying goes — and you think to yourself, “Well, I could have invented that.”

But there’s a reason why these products sell. They come with a use that’s somewhat niche in nature, but highly novel. More >>

The Best Time to Make a Sales Call in 2017

15 Mar

Most salespeople are eager to know the best time to cold call their prospects. It’s an enticing idea: Rather than waiting for a compelling event, researching the buyer, and crafting a personalized message, the rep simply needs to know the best day for cold calling, as well as the best time of day. More >>

7 Smart Money Moves for Empty Nesters

13 Mar

Parents love their children — that’s a given — but that won’t stop you from breaking out the trumpet in glee when your offspring start footing the bill for themselves. Oh, happy day! Need ideas on what to do with your cash now that it’s actually yours again, empty nester? Consider these seven smart money moves once your kids fly the coop. More >>

12 Inspiring Quotes from Alexander Graham Bell

10 Mar

Here’s a quick history lesson: On March 10, 1876, inventor Alexander Graham Bell — the man behind the telephone — successfully made the first phone call in history.

Sure, the first words ever spoken through the phone may not have been the most exciting, but Bell’s invention changed the world. And it turns out, Bell had many other things to share during his lifetime. On top of his breakthrough invention, there are a number of things entrepreneurs and inventors can learn from him. More >>