Learning to Thrive to Honor Our Parents’ Memory

30 May

I lost my father to lung cancer when I was 7 years old. Without his steady income and also without adequate life insurance covering his loss, my mother had to raise my brother, who was 10, my sister, who was 9, and me by herself solely on Social Security and disability income. More >>

To Boost Disability Insurance Sales, Add Sunshine

24 May

Today, people expect to buy just about anything online. However, when it comes to insurance, that isn’t always that simple.

Buying insurance online, especially products like whole life and disability income insurance, can be difficult because there are so many important variables that need to be explained by a professional before the buyer can make an educated decision. It can even be challenging to research policy features and costs online without background on specific industry terms and language. More >>

7 Easy Ways to Instantly Gain Respect at Work, No Matter Your Position

19 May

It can be challenging to accomplish what you want at work when you do not have the respect of others. Maybe it is because you are young or a junior staff member. Maybe it is because you sit in a department that is underfunded or you are in a role that does not get the credit it deserves.

Don’t let circumstances like these prevent you from acting like a C-suite level leader. While you may not have control over your age, level of experience or how others perceive your role, you have control over your behavior. Your behavior, and its impact on others, is powerful. More >>

10 Ways to Engage Gen Xers

17 May

There’s a clear distinction among the messages that different generations like to hear, according to Angie Herbers, founder of Angie Herbers LLC. “Baby boomers like straight talk. Millennials like messages that make them feel in motion. Gen X like messages that give them meaning. More >>

Creating a Better Financial Future Through Life Insurance

15 May

Asked to come up with a topic that is both intriguing and exciting, most people would not place life insurance at the top of the list. Whether this negative perception is due to its reputation as being boring or to the unease created by an association with facing one’s mortality, there is no doubt that life insurance is one of the most maligned financial products. More >>

What 17 Entrepreneurs Learned From Their Mothers

12 May

From kindness to focus, our mothers can instill values in us that help us reach success. And there’s no better time to reflect on the values and lessons from our mothers than Mother’s Day, which we’ve officially celebrated for more than 100 years.

Timeless motherly advice especially resonates for entrepreneurs, whether that’s during hard times such as making critical decisions or more mundane aspects of life in our daily interactions.

We asked founders to share the mom-inspired nuggets of wisdom that have made them better entrepreneurs. Here, we selected our favorites. More >>

The Secrets of Using DISC to Close More Deals

10 May

“Autopilot sales mode”: Doing the same tasks day after day leads to autopilot, or the tendency to act without conscious thought.

For example, many salespeople have outgoing, talkative, emotional, enthusiastic personalities. And they sell in a way that feels most “natural” to them. Every time they get on a call, they sell in a way that they would like to be sold to without thinking twice about it. Most salespeople don’t think about why they’re saying what they’re saying. More >>

Financial Spring Cleaning: Which Documents to Save and Which Papers to Toss

8 May

If you’re engaging in a little financial spring cleaning this year, consider scanning your records and storing them electronically. Specific rules may vary depending on the asset, transaction or expense but generally, you want to make sure that your electronic records are as accurate (and legible) as your paper records and easily accessible.

From tax documents to employee benefits, here are some tips on what documents to toss or save. More >>