The 7 Best Office Music Playlists for Productivity

30 Jun

For me, listening to music while working is the secret to my productivity. All it takes is the right Beyoncé track, and I go from idle to uber productive. (Seriously, it works like a charm.)

The trouble is, finding the perfect playlist isn’t always easy. With endless streaming music possibilities at my fingertips, it can be hard to nail down just the right tunes to get the wheels turning. So, I did what we do best around here — a little research. More >>

How to Dig a Buried Email Out of Your Prospect’s Inbox in 15 Seconds

28 Jun

To succeed in sales, you must walk a fine line between persistent and pushy. You don’t want to give up too easily — just because you don’t get a response the first time you try doesn’t mean the prospect isn’t interested. But you also don’t want to annoy them — sending 20 emails over the course of two weeks will turn an on-the-fence buyer into an uninterested one and will probably give your company a bad name.

With that in mind, how should you handle the buried email situation? More >>

I Have Life Insurance Through My Employer. Why Do I Need Another Policy?

26 Jun

One of the perks of having a full-time job with a good company is the benefits package that comes with it. Often, those benefits include life insurance coverage, which is great. And everyone who can get life insurance at work should definitely take it, as there are many advantages to company-funded life insurance, also known as group life insurance. More >>

20 Commonly Misused Words and Expressions

23 Jun

Small mistakes aren’t a huge deal on their own. But there’s a “death by a thousand cuts” effect: The more words and phrases you misuse, the less credibility you have.

Don’t make prospects doubt your hard-earned expertise. Read on to discover which words and expressions you may be using incorrectly. More >>

14 Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Page

21 Jun

If you’re not creating a Facebook Page with a comprehensive strategy to get noticed, Liked, and engaged with, the chances of actually generating leads and customers from it are pretty slim. For example, you can’t just choose any picture — you have to choose one that’s the right dimensions, high-resolution, and properly represents your brand. More >>

Yes, You Probably Need Life Insurance and Here’s Why

19 Jun

Life insurance is not sexy. It’s not fun to talk about and it’s definitely not a process anyone enjoys. However, much like death and taxes, buying life insurance is an essential part of life and a crucial element of sound financial planning. More >>

Why Dads Are the New Heroes

16 Jun

Thirty years ago, when I first began teaching about masculinity, I’d ask my students who their heroes were. Heroes were larger than life, embodying those traits that mere mortals could only imagine: being the best in the world at what they do, transcending the immediate moment for the eternal. Today, that heroic landscape has changed dramatically. More >>

8 Ways to Start a Sales Call So Prospects Don’t Hang Up On You

14 Jun

How do you feel when your phone rings and you realize you’re receiving a call from a salesperson?
For most business people, it’s interruptive, annoying, and distracting.
But if it’s your job to call prospects, you don’t have to fall into the category of “pesky sales rep.”
To kickstart a productive, professional conversation, you need a strong opening. More >>

Adopting Financial Habits That Stick

12 Jun

According to, the third most popular resolution for 2017 was making better financial decisions. If your goal is to become a better steward of your hard-earned money, what does it take to improve your odds of succeeding once you decide to make some positive financial changes? More >>