5 Key Ideas for New Insurance Agents

30 Aug

Success in any venture begins with the proper mindset. As a new insurance agent, there are five key “truths” about the insurance industry and your role in it that will help ensure you have the correct mindset and the best chance at success. More >>

4 Smart Things Everyone Under 40 Should Do With Their Money

28 Aug

One of the most common misconceptions about money is that income is the biggest driver of wealth.

While of course income helps, in reality, the main determinant of wealth (or erosion of) is dictated by your spending habits, and many people fall into the habit of spending more as they earn more. More >>

11 Life-Hack Gadgets That Will Make Your Workspace More Comfortable and Organized

25 Aug

If you’re anything like the average American, you’re going to spend the majority of your time working or doing related activities.

So having a workspace that makes you feel comfortable, in control, and relaxed is not only an important key to productivity but also to maintaining a high level of happiness. More >>

Millennials Need to Protect Their Income

23 Aug

Millennials often get a bad reputation for being behind in their professional endeavors. A stagnant economy in the late 2000s led to many not starting their careers off on the right foot. But, with the economy recovering and the average millennials are now in their mid-to late-20s, this demographic is starting to settle into their profession and accelerate in their careers. More >>

15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Just More

18 Aug

Whether you’re working a traditional 9-to-5 gig or running your own business, we all struggle with productivity. For many this is a daily struggle. The good news? That struggle will be a thing of the past if you implement these 15 scientifically-proven methods for increasing your productivity. More >>

Disability Insurance is Too Expensive…and I’m Invincible

16 Aug

Myths are an interesting mix of a little fact and a lot of fiction — they’re often a way to validate long-held beliefs, regardless of their accuracy. One of the myths surrounding disability income insurance is that it’s too expensive. In addition to that, it’s common to come across clients who think they’re invincible. More >>

Life Insurance Should Cover Emotional Needs, Too

14 Aug

Most of us know and understand the value of life insurance for providing financially for our loved ones. Life insurance ensures your family will be able to pay the mortgage, continue education and maintain their standard of living. But beyond the practical basics, life insurance also provides peace of mind for you family members, lifting a burden and providing space and time for them to grieve and begin the healing process after a tragic event. When it comes to calculating your life insurance amount, how you do factor in the emotional and psychological needs of your life insurance beneficiary? More >>

Life Insurance Can Be a Great Retirement Planning Tool

9 Aug

Life insurance is best known for protecting your client’s family, particularly during their working years when children are younger and financially dependent. The truth is life insurance can offer much more than death benefit protection. It can also help your clients achieve a variety of retirement goals. More >>