Why Life Insurance is Vital for Entrepreneurs

7 Aug

It may be because we are natural optimists, but it is remarkably common for entrepreneurs not to take out life insurance. In fact, according to LIMRA’s Life Insurance Barometer study, 41 percent of business owners and individuals do not have life insurance, meaning they likely don’t have the necessary funds earmarked to support their business, employees and their loved ones in the event that something happens to them. More >>

Is Your Email Out of Control? Try These 5 Easy Strategies to Get on Top of It

4 Aug

Does looking at your mobile email app give you anxiety? Is your inbox overflowing with unread messages, eCards you haven’t responded to, and other incomprehensible requests you haven’t had the time to touch?

If yes, your email is out of control. But don’t worry. These 5 effortless strategies will get you on top of your email again–and your life. More >>

Life Insurance: Perception v. Reality

2 Aug

Many insurance companies are changing and enhancing life products aimed at the employee benefits market right now.

This creates new opportunities for advisers and clients to discuss both what they have in place and any improvements they can make to offer an even more robust benefits package to employees. More >>