33 Photos of Google’s Rise from a Stanford Dorm Room to World Domination

29 Dec

The company’s Google.com website is the most-visited in the world, and the company also makes Android, the world’s most popular operating system. And on the back of Google’s incredibly profitable advertising business, Alphabet is now worth $743 billion.

But Google’s start was much more modest. More >>

Embrace Your Inner Hero

27 Dec

Unfortunately, the world has become more cynical in recent years. People are jaded about their jobs, their government, and their futures (or lack thereof). So it’s no surprise they’re also turned off by the financial services industry.

But consider: In what other industry do professionals give clients peace of mind when someone dies prematurely? More >>

Wander in a Winter Wonderland In These Picture-Perfect Snowy Getaways

22 Dec

Whether you’re clamoring for cold-weather fun in an inviting ski town – complete with arresting alpine scenery, frosty sleigh rides and après-ski activities – or a storybook idyll with historic sheets, cozy bistros and spellbinding backdrops, these locales offer an unmistakable small-scale appeal. More >>

The 6 Types of Presentation Styles: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

20 Dec

What if there wasn’t just one “right” way to give a presentation? What if there were several? Below, I’ve outlined six types of presentation styles. They’re used by famous speakers like Steve Jobs and Al Gore — and none of them are wrong. More >>

Your 5-Step Recipe for Financial Success

18 Dec

While there are many ways to define financial success, there’s only one real way to achieve it: Manage your money responsibly. How can you do that? Just follow this simple five-step recipe, and you’ll be able to achieve whatever financial success means to you. More >>

Six Fundamental Business Lessons Learned from Walt Disney

15 Dec

In some ways people know more about Disney, fewer people about Disney the man. Walt Disney, the man, has somewhat faded into the background for many people. Walt was a visionary, an entrepreneur and a creative genius. There are some invaluable lessons every entrepreneur can learn from what he was able to accomplish in his life. More >>

Considering Long Term Care Coverage? Here’s a Reality Check

11 Dec

As more people are thinking about long-term care planning for their elder years, the industry is responding with ever more options.

However, complete coverage may be out of reach for most people. Younger generations are taking notice, whether to encourage their parents to prepare for possible late-life infirmities or to make preparations for themselves earlier in their own lives. More >>

The 25 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

8 Dec

What if you could navigate Google Chrome at lightning speed?

Well, by learning a few simple keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up your prospecting research, gain valuable insights about your leads faster, and really build out that pipeline. The key is to not waste time learning all of them, because the majority aren’t helpful. More >>