3 Huge Benefits of Buying Life Insurance for Your Kids

30 Jul

When I was in college, a co-worker told me a story about a friend whose baby died just a few months after being born. Not only did the loss devastate him and his wife, but it set them back financially. They were still trying to cope with medical bills from when their son was born, and now they had to deal with a funeral and other expenses. More >>

24 Excel Formulas, Keyboard Shortcuts & Tricks That’ll Save You Lots of Time

27 Jul

Marketing and Microsoft Excel go together like peanut butter and chocolate. There’s just one problem. For many of us, trying to organize and analyze Excel worksheets can feel like walking into a brick wall over and over again. You’re manually replicating columns and scribbling down long-form math on a scrap of paper, all while thinking to yourself, “There has to be a better way to do this.” Truth be told, there is — you just don’t know it yet. More >>

5 Things to Check If Your Life Insurance Sales Smell Like a Dead Fish

25 Jul

Even before John Graham started his own marketing and public relations firm specializing in insurance in, he always felt the pull of life insurance. In fact, when he graduated from Occidental College, back in 1953, he was offered a job selling life insurance policies. He declined the offer, and spent many years working in another profession. More >>

The 13 Best Time Tracking Apps of 2018

20 Jul

There is one evil that haunts the days and nights of most agency workers: time tracking. It’s no wonder there are so many digital time tracking tools just for agencies and small business today. Those who need an easy way to stay on task and become more efficient for their clients will find 13 possible solutions below. More >>

Should You Get Life Insurance for Your Kids?

16 Jul

My father was a financial planner, and he got his start by selling insurance. That meant Dad had some very strong opinions about insurance in general, and life insurance in particular. He was not shy about sharing those opinions with a captive audience — aka, his daughter. More >>

Friday the 13th Is Back. Here’s Why It Scares Us

13 Jul

The creepiest day of the month has returned: Friday the 13th. In 2017, there were two ill-fated Fridays: the more mundane January 13 and the spookier October 13. This year, there are two more: April 13 and July 13. It seems that no matter how many such moments pass us by, the dreaded day continues to inspire unease and fears of misfortune. More >>