15 Fun Facts About Labor Day

31 Aug

Labor day is next Monday, September 3rd. There’s a lot more to the holiday than an extra day off from work, sweet sales, and hitting up the beach or a BBQ with friends. Here are 15 facts about Labor Day that might shock you. More >>

8 Advisor Mistakes That Hold Back Your Business

29 Aug

The first couple of years of an advisor’s career is like running a gantlet. You have numbers to hit. It’s like swimming underwater in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Your lungs are bursting, but you keep going. Two or three years later, you are successful! You have an established base of clients. Many of the advisors around you are gone. You are now an established producer. This is where mistakes like these start to happen. More >>

Why Every Student Loan Co-Signer Should Consider a Life Insurance Policy

27 Aug

It’s a situation that no parent wants to think about – the prospect of outliving your child. Having to bury the child you raised is an unspeakable tragedy. But if you were a student loan cosigner for your child’s private loans, you may be in for more trouble than just heartache. More >>

15 Funny Out-Of-Office Messages to Inspire Your Own

24 Aug

When it comes to the final days before vacation, people tend to fall into one of two camps: 1) those who watch the clock incessantly, and 2) those who are so busy before they leave, they might even forget to put up an out-of-office email message. More >>

9 Ways to End Your Sales Presentation With a Bang

22 Aug

A brilliant presentation is worth nothing if you don’t bring it home with a powerful close. Most sales presentations end with a whimper, rather than a bang and your prospect’s interest and enthusiasm starts to fade. Either the salesperson runs out of time — causing them to rush over their final slides or lose their audience’s attention by going over — or they finish with a weak statement like “That’s all I have for today. Any questions?” More >>

7 Ways to Get the Best Life Insurance Rates

20 Aug

One of the main reasons people don’t buy life insurance is because they don’t want to deal with the cost. However, a policy doesn’t have to be expensive. In many cases, getting the best life insurance rates is simply a matter of learning all your options. If you’ve decided you need life insurance, these tips can help you cut your costs and help you get the best life insurance rates possible. More >>

The Best Podcasts: What You Should be Listening to Now

17 Aug

Since 2017, six million more Americans started participating in the same activity. Any guesses about what this rapidly growing pastime could be? People are listening to podcasts. One-third of Americans between the ages of 25-54 currently listen to podcasts monthly and this number is expected to continue rising this year due to their convenience and intimacy. More >>

Tools To Help Collect Details About Your Client’s History

15 Aug

Crump’s Underwriting Reference Library can assist you in gathering information about your client – whether it be a specific medical impairment, avocation, foreign travel, criminal history, or other information, we have questionnaires to assist you. More >>

Do I Still Need Life Insurance Once I Retire?

13 Aug

Think of all the different scenarios that may still be applicable: You may have been required to retire early; you may have had investments that have gone sour and haven’t had time to rebuild your nest egg. Additionally, there may be a need to cover final expenses, you may have children still at home who depend on you, or you may have a family member like an aging parent or special-needs sibling that you provide financial support for. More >>

25 Brainy Quotes That’ll Make You Sound Smart

10 Aug

Did you know using quotes in your presentations or meetings has a benefit beyond simply filling that extra slide you didn’t know what to do with? PresentationLoad CEO Tom Becker-Schweitzer says, “The brain automatically links our existing experience with other experiences, thus actively engaging the brain with new content. If you incorporate a captivating quote with a powerful image in your presentation, your audience will make connections automatically.” More >>